The Sony Entertainment Network has been ‘soft-launched’ prior to a major marketing campaign that will begin on 1 November.

The streaming service, which also offers a download-to-own option, offers a global catalogue of over 10 million tracks on Sony Tablet and other Android-based tablets and phones. The UK service offers 7 million tracks.

A Sony spokesman said the company’s aim was to appeal to the owners of MP3s players who have used the devices simply to listen to CDs they already own. Some estimates suggest that 85 per cent of iPod owners listen primarily to music they have simply ripped from their own collections.

Tim Schaaff, President of Sony Network Entertainment, said the launch “marks one of our many significant steps to satisfying the mobile demands of our current consumers while opening up our cloud-based music service to completely new audiences.”

The Music Unlimited service, which will operate in nine countries, allows users to build their own playlists for £9.99 per month, or simply to listen to themed stations for £3.99. Sony Tablet users who are first-time subscribers will get a 180-day trial of the Basic subscription plan.

The service will be available via PC, TV, Walkman MP3 players, tablets and other connected Sony devices, such as blu-ray players. Sony Ericsson mobile phones and the PlayStation games console will also be compatible, as will all other Android phones and tablets.

Source: The Telegraph