Vodacom: First Vodafone Company to launch Webbook

South Africa’s mobile operator, Vodacom today, 18 October 2011 announced that it is the first Vodafone operating company to launch the Vodafone Webbook. The device is extremely compact and weigh  less than 1 kg. The Vodafone Webbook is presented with a 10″ LCD screen, 512MB of memory and an additional 4GB of storage space.
Vodafone-Webbook Vodafone-Webbook

“The Vodafone Webbook is going to offer the end user a compelling, mobile or at-home computing experience at an affordable price. We think this device is going to be particularly important and attractive for the emerging market,” said Chris Ross, Managing Executive: Commercial Development at Vodacom.

With the Vodafone Webbook, Vodacom customers will be able to enjoy a portable internet experience with the Ubuntu operating system with various software applications, 24 months warranty and free software updates.

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that is a free, fast, easy-to-use, and open source computer programme that was pioneered by Mark Shuttleworth.


Speaking about the Ubuntu software, Mark Shuttleworth said: “We are delighted to provide the operating system for the Vodafone Webbook. Ubuntu’s founding principle is to remove the barriers of access to computing for everyone, and products like this give hope of connectivity to people all over the world.”

The accessibility of the device will also be driven through its affordability with various pricing options available. The prices of the Vodafone Webbook are as follows:

As a standalone device with a prepaid option: R1499 (about US $185.8) including VAT.

With a prepaid Starter Pack: R1899 (about US $235.4) including VAT (Starter Pack includes a modem, SIM card and 100MB of data per month for 12 months).

With a Contract option, the device with a modem will be priced at R189 (about US $23.4) on a standard My Meg 500 for 24 months.

A Top Up option is also available and includes a modem and 100MB of data per month for 3 months @ R169 (about US $21) on a Top Up 135.

The Vodafone Webbook will be available at Vodacom World, Midrand, South Africa and all participating outlets on order from 19 October 201

Source: itnewsafrica