In an interview with PC Tech Magazine, Jeeten Rajani, the country director of Rwanda and Uganda, Sai office bringing genuine channel IT and office automation products will ensure that Rwandan businesses and government offices do not purchase counterfeit products from China and Dubai.

“We also have a service license for the brands we represent. We are aware that Rwanda has been lacking supplier of genuine computer products and the problem of counterfeits has been rampant,”

“This does not only affect the quality of work in government offices but also SME’s have been suffering unnecessary losses,” Rajani said.

He noted that Rwandans will be able to have supply of the brands and support at the local level at a cheaper cost. The company initially supplied Rwanda through the Uganda branch office.

The firm invested Rwf300m (US $37) in opening the Kigali office but according to Rajani, SAI office will invest up to the tune of US$2m (Rwf1.2bn) over the next two years.

“The Rwandan government provided us with the best opportunities to start up here when we sent in a request,”

“We were impressed by the government policy to promote ICT and we have already registered several interested clients to start with, including the government,” Rajani said.

Speaking to PC Tech Magazine at the official launch of SAI office products, Vinay Gorajia, the Managing Director of Akagera Business Group said that SAI office being a Rwandan registered company will offer genuine products with warranty to local business.

“As business partners, we welcome SAI office’s entry into Rwanda. Businesses can buy products through a proper channel with the manufacturers warrant and you are assured of originality since they also have a service centre in Kigali,” Gorajia said.

He noted that the firm will go allowing way in improving the working environment within government offices and private businesses as an APC Backup centre. APC is the leading supplier of universal power protection systems.

Invited guests who included government officials and private businesspeople were able to view the different range of products during the cocktail launch.