1,000 teachers are expected to have benefited from the program by June 2012.

This was disclosed by Evode Mukama, the Director of ICT at REB, during a town hall meeting yesterday, organised to update the public on the fourth coming International Teachers Day.

“We will train teachers on how to integrate ICT in their lessons and also extend  IT skills to their students. Every teacher is called upon to join this programme,” Mukama said.

He further explained to The New Times that “project-based learning approach” will be the main tool extended to teachers, who will in turn guide their students on how to use (ICT) in their studies.

“For example, a student may choose to learn about rain, and the teacher will in such a case guide him or her on how to use applications like internet, use of “excel” to record relevant data- which is a bit different from the broad sense of ICT.”

The project will be launched on October 31, at the National University of Rwanda with the commencement of a two-week training of trainers (T.O.T) session.

The TOT will be attended by 34 primary school teachers and 30 volunteer university students. Mukama underlined that there is no specific IT experience required of the trainees.

Source: The New Times