The high-speed network, operating in the 4.9 GHz frequency range, will be the first Alvarion 802.16e deployment in Angola. ACS’s network will provide a range of broadband services to Luanda business customers, to local municipalities and to various provincial towns and villages as last mile.

“Alvarion’s BreezeMAX Extreme technology, teamed with its commitment to our success, gives us the confidence that we are ready to meet the needs of our diverse types of users consistently and in the long-term,” commented Carlos Carvalho Chief Technology Officer of ACS. “In such a dynamic market, Alvarion’s experience in Africa and market-leading technology are crucial to successfully delivering this network with efficiency.”

“Expanding beyond a traditional carrier model, service providers like ACS are enabling both rural and urban Africa to move forward at a rapid pace, and we are thrilled to be a part of this transition,” said Eran Gorev, president and CEO of Alvarion. “We look forward to supporting the array of users of this valued customer and to enabling them to meet their customers’ future needs.”

BreezeMAX Extreme brings technological and financial benefits to the licensed and license-exempt frequency bands enabling a superior business case. With field-proven Quality of Service (QoS) and security in very challenging interference-prone frequencies, BreezeMAX Extreme is an optimal solution for the African region.

Source: The Street