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Instagram Users Will Soon be Able to Disable Read Receipts in DMs

PHOTO: Bastian Riccardi / via Unsplash

PHOTO: Bastian Riccardi / via Unsplash

Meta’s photo-sharing platform, Instagram will soon allow its users to disable direct message conversations. This new privacy feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri on their Instagram Broadcast channels saying that this option is currently in testing.

“If you’re someone who leaves people on read: your day has come. We’re testing the ability to turn off read receipts on Instagram DMs,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Currently, users can’t turn off read receipts on Instagram but can read messages privately if they first turn on airplane mode. However, you will need to avoid tapping new message notifications which is a lot of work.

The new feature that will change this will be under the Privacy and Safety settings of the user’s account, under the “Who can see your activity” options, according to an image shared by Instagram CEO Mosseri.

“Soon, people will be able to choose when to let others see when they’ve read their messages,” wrote Mosseri. 

Unfortunately, both the Meta executives didn’t offer a release window for when that ability will come but we will be on the lookout and update you once the feature is rolled out.

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