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MTN, Tooro Kingdom Masaza Cycling Races Ignite Excitement in Kyegegwa

The Masaza Cycling Races serve as a powerful platform for athletes to showcase their skills while promoting unity among diverse communities.

In a thrilling display of athleticism and unity, MTN Uganda’s partnership with Tooro Kingdom brought the exhilarating MTN Tooro Masaza Bicycle Races to the forefront. Hundreds of spectators lined the streets of Kyegegwa, captivated by the heart-pounding action and the spirit of competition that united people from diverse backgrounds.

The winners of the fiercely contested bicycle races left their mark on the event, showcasing their talent and determination.

Alvin Mulindwa, an exceptional sports biker from Kyaka County and reigning champion from last year’s Fort Portal City races, expressed his gratitude to MTN Uganda for their unwavering support. He highlighted how MTN’s sponsorship has not only elevated his talent but also provided him with a vital source of income. Mulindwa eagerly anticipates participating in this year’s championship races and aims to secure another resounding victory.

The extraordinary performance of Aziz Ssempija, the winner in the ordinary bike category, echoed the sentiments of many riders who called for increased rewards.

Ssempija emphasized the need for greater financial support, stating, “The effort put by MTN to boost Tooro Kingdom sports is appreciated, but we ask them to consider increasing the amount rewarded to the winners.” He stressed that a significant portion of the prize money is typically invested in repairing bicycles, leaving inadequate funds for essential training.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, Aggrey Byaruhanga, MTN Uganda’s Regional Marketing Manager for west and southern regions, acknowledged the importance of addressing the training needs of riders in Kitagwenda, Kyaka, Kahunge, and Mwenge South.

Byaruhanga affirmed, “We are determined to support sports activities within the Tooro Kingdom,” in response to King Oyo’s call to combat HIV, assuring that the request for increased rewards would be diligently forwarded to the appropriate authorities for consideration.

Aziz Ssempija the time ordinary bike winner, asks MTN to consider Increasing the token and the number of those to be rewarded. (Courtesy Photo)

As the cycling races enthralled spectators, the anticipation grew for the upcoming bicycle race in Fort Portal City on June 25, 2023. Participants, inspired by the captivating competitions, are leaving no stone unturned in their training efforts.

William Kato, who participated for the first time, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This was my first time participating in the Masaza cycling competitions. I am happy with the organization and am now embarking on training so that I can win the Fort Portal race.”

MTN Uganda’s partnership with Tooro Kingdom has truly ignited excitement and passion within the region. The Masaza Cycling Races serve as a powerful platform for athletes to showcase their skills while promoting unity among diverse communities.

The stage is set for the forthcoming races, promising further enthralling displays of athleticism and determination.


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