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Raxio Hosts IT Specialists From Uganda’s Insurance and Brokerage Firms

Raxio Data Centre’s VP Tech and Operations, Abdul-Rahman Ahmed leads UIA members on a guided tour around the facility. (Photo Credit: Raxio Data Centre)

Raxio Data Centre’s VP Tech and Operations, Abdul-Rahman Ahmed leads UIA members on a guided tour around the facility. (Photo Credit: Raxio Data Centre)

Raxio Data Centre hosted CEOs and IT specialists from insurance and brokerage firms in Uganda on a tour of its state-of-the-art data centre facility in Namave. They included RIO Insurance, CIC Insurance Group, Alliance Africa General Insurance, Liberty Uganda, Mayfair Insurance, APA Insurance, ICEA Uganda, and Excel Insurance amongst others.

The visit provided the insurance and brokerage sector professionals with an opportunity to witness first-hand the world-class infrastructure and services offered by Raxio Data Centre. The tour showcased the company’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of Uganda’s insurance sector through the provision of secure, reliable, and scalable data centre services.

“We are delighted to host the CEOs and IT specialists from Uganda’s insurance and brokerage firms,” James Byaruhanga, the General Manager of Raxio Data Centre, told the visitors during the visit to the data centre.

“We believe that Raxio’s state-of-the-art data centre facility, with its robust infrastructure, multiple redundancies, and excellent connectivity, will offer the insurance sector an unparalleled level of security, resilience, and reliability that is critical to their operations,” Byaruhanga remarked.

The tour provided the visitors with an opportunity to see the benefits that Raxio Data Centre can offer to the insurance and brokerage sector.

These benefits include:

Part of what was emphasized was that the data centre can help customers reduce their total cost of ownership by allowing them to focus on their core business while leaving the data centre to manage everything else.

Bengo Badru, a Technical Officer at the Uganda Insurers Association said the visit to the data centre was an eye-opener. “The infrastructure is world-class, and we were impressed by the company’s commitment to providing top-notch data centre services,” he said.

“We believe that this partnership will be beneficial to the insurance sector, and we look forward to exploring how we can leverage Raxio’s services to improve our operations,” Bengo said.

Byaruhanga spoke on the importance of digital transformation in the insurance industry and how Raxio Data Centre is equipped to support the industry transformation. He stated that the data centre is set to transform the insurance sector in Uganda through the provision of reliable, secure, and cost-effective data centre services.

“The company’s state-of-the-art facility is a game-changer for the sector and will help insurance companies and brokerages to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment,” he said.

The data centre was launched in May 2021 by fmr. Permanent Secretary for Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Vincent Waiswa Bagiire.

“This is a world-class facility that is going to support several industries in Uganda and we are delighted at the Ministry because what Raxio has done fits quite well with the country’s digital transformation program,” Bagiire said at the time of the launch.

Raxio Data Centre is the first Certified Tier III Data Centre in Uganda located in Namave Industrial and Business Park where the key Metropolitan Fibre cables pass. The location is also on the highway to Kenya where Uganda picks up Sub Marine Fibre capacity and thus about 8 fiber connections to Mombasa for internet transit.

The data center was designed with a metro-edge design approach. “Our facility was designed according to what we call a metro-edge design approach that is popular in more mature markets and adapting it to Africa context and environment,” said Raxio Group CEO, Mr. Robert Mullins.

The data centre is the Raxio Group’s second facility after the one in Ethiopia. Mullin said Uganda was selected as the second country in Africa to build the data center because the country’s ICT sector is vibrant and fastest-growing in the African region. He went on to add other reasons including, the country having a strong entrepreneurial spirit within the young population, and the business & public sector maturing along their digital journey increasingly requiring reliable ICT infrastructure to deliver their services.

The decision to build Raxio data center in Uganda, according to Mr. Brooks Washington; Raxio Group Director was because there’s a great mix of the trends that are propelling data center growth around the world, giving them a customer base (Uganda) that really needs the service that we provide.

The data centre was constructed by Roko Construction Limited and took them three (3) to complete. The design was done by Future-tech, a UK-based specialized data center design company, and Symbion Consulting Group.


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