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MultiChoice Kicks-off Workshops to Train Filmmakers on Social Media and Personal Branding

Rinaldi Jamugisa, MultiChoice Uganda PR and Communications Manager speaking to filmmakers participating in the MultiChoice training workshops as part of Pearl Magic Prime’s 2nd-anniversary celebrations.

Rinaldi Jamugisa, MultiChoice Uganda PR and Communications Manager speaking to filmmakers participating in the MultiChoice training workshops as part of Pearl Magic Prime’s 2nd-anniversary celebrations.

As part of Pearl Magic Prime’s 2nd-anniversary celebrations, MultiChoice Uganda kicked off 3 workshops to train filmmakers on social media and personal branding.

Rinaldi Jamugisa, MultiChoice Uganda PR and Communications Manager encouraged filmmakers to take advantage of the training as a way to grow their personal brands, share their stories, and connect with their existing and potential audiences.

“We have designed our training to equip filmmakers with knowledge and skills to thrive in your current spaces as you focus on filmmaking and content creation for the screen,” he remarked. “You are encouraged to make the most of all the training workshops that we have organized.”

Jamugisa further said that there is a need for filmmakers to be appreciated by those they create for, including investors, viewers, and content marketers, among others, and that they thus need to put themselves out there through social media and other communication platforms, as well as show up with the best version of themselves through an admirable and solid personal brand.

Being a content creator can be a rewarding but isolating experience. With the growing need for and interest in social media, content creators are advised to take a keen interest in how they are perceived and portrayed online. Social media has since changed the way people communicate, in addition to influencing decision-making.


In her remarks, Ms. Patricia Kigula, Marketing and EPG Coordinator of MultiChoice Uganda stressed that branding and creating an online presence is a pathway to being a successful filmmaker.

“You need to ensure that you are learning about everything from data privacy regulations, analytics, how the platforms work, cyber security issues, content types, and formats, so that when anyone asks you how it all works, you’ll be ready with answers,” Kigula explained. “With this comes the need to be intentional about how you appear online through personal branding as this is what forms what your audience perceives of you.”

In a 2022 Market performance report by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the country recorded a growth of devices connected to the internet with a 4 million devices increase from June 2021 to a 12% year-on-year growth, implying an increase in eyeballs that get to view content that digital communications platform users post thus a wider reach.

“It is paramount to leverage social media to control the narrative about yourself, others, and your company as critical tools for your online success as a content creator,” said Kigula. Adding “You need to be clear about who you are, what you stand for, what your target market expects, as well as how they should interact with your content.”

Brian Mulondo a local content marketing manager with MultiChoice Uganda called upon filmmakers to embrace the spirit of collaboration as a way to provide an enabling environment for industry growth.

“I encourage you to work with each other on the different projects that you are involved in and support each other by passing on areas of specialty to those who will enable you to deliver quality work as opposed to trying to do everything yourself.”

Mulondo concluded by saying collaboration helps filmmakers’ personal brands be identified with quality productions and delivery.

Content creators will have more opportunities to acquire knowledge as Pearl Magic Prime continues to celebrate its second anniversary.

Two more workshops on “Partners against Piracy” slated to take place on Feb. 23rd and a “Content Acquisition” workshop on Feb. 28th that will be held online are open to all within the creative arts space including but not limited to Filmmakers, content creators, artists, and actors, among others.





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