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The Rise of AI in Language Education: How Tech is Transforming the Way We Learn Languages

Tech is transforming the ways we approach our language learning responsibilities and going far beyond the textbooks or scanned instructions that contain the basic rules.

Only a few modern language learners realize that they are already using artificial intelligence (AI) all the time as they type something on a smartphone or use various helpful apps that make it easier to cope with grammar challenges. Still, it’s safe to say that the use of AI-based tools in language education is currently on the rise. Just take a broader look at the list of interactive apps that help to train pronunciation and even recognize what is being said.

Technology is also transforming the ways how we approach language learning responsibilities and go far beyond the textbooks or scanned instructions that contain the basic rules. Since people are able to travel again and immerse themselves in a foreign culture, the use of technology becomes essential to bridge the gap between the complex grammar and the fascination that a person gains when learning another language.

How Tech is Transforming the Way We Learn Languages:

Duolingo and Difficulty Levels

Since it’s the most famous example of a language learning platform today, it has also implemented AI to help people determine their language skills without having to approach a professional teacher or worry about their skills. The best part about artificial intelligence analysis in this case is the lack of problems in terms of bias as the system only looks at the right or wrong answers. One should remember that not only grammar but also vocabulary skills can be tested this way. The system is also easy to adjust to the social background and age of a person.

Grammar Checkers Online

While it’s not often mentioned, many language learners use solutions like Grammarly or ProWriting Aid to improve their spelling, punctuation, and structure of what is being written. It is especially useful for exchange students or people who find it hard to cope with complex written content because of being a foreigner. Start with university research, and things can get rough! Therefore, technology also makes it easy to approach TopEssayWriting as a great option and truly benefit from the human-based analysis and assistance where the use of technology is implemented as well. This way, one can avoid false alerts and make the content readable!


Hemmingway App and ChatGPT Readability

Speaking of readability, AI-based tools offer amazing ways to actually learn the inner specifics of the language and even get better in terms of one’s writing skills and creativity. One of the free solutions worth checking is the famous Hemmingway app which helps to check your sentences for readability. It will provide you with a detailed report and offer helpful suggestions. If you want to take things even further, it’s possible to check your linguistic skills by using ChatGPT intelligent chatbot that can help to train and assist with the learning of specific expressions.

Babbel for Spanish Learning

Some languages are all about the expression and culture of the country, which means that you have to hear and see the situations where things take place to fully understand the rules. Spanish also has individual constructions that won’t be encountered anywhere else. Babbel language learning app has implemented artificial intelligence to model situations based on keywords to make the learning process more poignant and adjust to what a person needs and learns. It also makes English to Spanish translation tasks much easier as it discusses the dialects and focuses on the cultural points that are always worth considering!

Speak and Translate App Learning Approach

Artificial intelligence is also used for interactive apps that help you to use voice recognition. It means that you can simply talk into your phone and have it translated into another language or let someone talk to you to gain an immediate understanding of what’s being said. It’s especially useful for language learners who plan to travel or professionals who have to talk a lot. Even when you need to book a hotel abroad or provide immediate medical assistance during an accident that you witness, such apps are always critical.

From Professional Language Learning to Fancy Restaurants

The modern methods of language learning have already gone beyond the limitations of classrooms or even video lessons over Skype or Zoom. Many professionals and scientists use additional language databases as they implement learning apps and focus on the subjects that they know well natively. There is a wide range of choices that help to skip the dialogues or touristic bits of information that are not necessary and make learning focused on Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, real estate investments, video games, and so on.

Some language learning technology solutions implement virtual AI assistants to help you around at various restaurants, depending on what you would like to choose. All of it also includes language education and a natural transformation of how we learn a language and improve our social and communication skills. In a certain sense, it is a complex approach at first glance, yet as technology helps people to feel inspired, it takes learning to another level.





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