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Twitter Removes the Ability to See Which Device a Tweet Comes From

No more Twitter for Android, Twitter for iOS, Tweetdeck, Twitter Web Client.... and so forth.

Since Telsa boss, Elon Musk took over Twitter in October this year, the social media platform has been implementing several changes on the platform including changing Twitter’s homepage for logged-out users, introducing a paid verification service that allows users who pay a monthly fee to have a blue checkmark next to their names, among other changes.

Now in the latest development, the microblogging site has done away with labels that show which device a tweet has been sent from. This new move comes after Musk last month hinted to remove it as it was a “waste of screen space and compute”. However, the company had previously claimed that these markers help users “better understand how a Tweet was posted.”

“And we’ll finally stop adding what device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space and computing) below every tweet. Literally, no one even knows why we did that,” Musk said last month in a tweet.

The Twitter CEO on Sunday quoted a tweet by @PubityIG, which had tweeted, “Twitter has removed the ability to see which device a tweet comes from. (Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android).”

In his response, Musk quoted that and said “Hallelujah!!”.

As per the company’s help site, Twitter claims that “This additional information (Tweet source labels) provides context about the Tweet and its author.” It adds, “If you don’t recognize the source, you might want to find out more about the content.”


Winnie Nantongo

Winnie is a tech reporter with a passion for digital media & communications.
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