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Can Formatted SD Cards Be Recovered?

No matter how long ago you lost the data and formatted the card, it’s feasible to recover data from a formatted SD card.

The term ‘formatting’ can sound very intimidating and feel like there’s no going back. Sometimes users format memory sticks or other external storage devices by accident, while in other cases, this is a conscious decision.

Anyway, formatting only means that you prepare the memory device for further use. It makes the device available for data storage. Some devices will not even let users utilize flash sticks without formatting them first.

Whatever your situation, formatting is reversible. It’s not the end, and your files can be restored. This short article sheds some light on the ways to complete formatted SD card recovery.

Proven Ways to Retrieve Files from Formatted External Hard Drives: What Recovery Software to Choose for SD Cards

When you are preparing for recovering the data, follow a sure recommendation: use your hard drive as little as possible after it is already formatted. It’s best to reduce any manipulations with the drive to the minimum.

When it comes to the software, we compiled a list of reliable programs that may differ in features, price, and user experience but are effective enough for restoring files.

Why are we focusing on software most of all? The reason is simple: it has great efficacy even when other tools such as command-line restoration fail. For an extended list, see methods to fix a corrupted SD card.

Remove the SD card from the device and choose one of these instruments to proceed to recovery.

1. Disk Drill

This professional recovery tool is one of the best options out there to cope with different data loss scenarios, including damaged and crashed devices. Disk Drill allows a range of useful functions:

  • Data recovery on Mac and Windows, as well as SD and micro SD cards, iCloud, and Android storage.
  • Recovering over 400 file formats, including FAT32, APFS, NTFS, exFAT, and ext2,ext3, ext4.
  • Quick and deep scanning.
  • Recovering files from damaged and lost hard drives.
  • Simple and intuitive UI.
  • In-built data protection and backup instruments.

Users can try the free version of Disk Drill to recover formatted SD card files in a volume of up to 500 MB. The Pro version of the program starts at 89 dollars and gives all the same powerful recovery features as in the free one, but with an unlimited amount of data.

2. PhotoRec

The data recovery tool Stellar can seem much more complex than PhotoRec, but, if this doesn’t scare you, give it a try.

PhotoRec offers to retrieve nearly 200 file types from both hard drives and external storage devices. It can be especially outstanding for those using rare document formats, such as RPM, SRDM, etc.

Still, the absence of automatic file format recognition and the need to mention them manually are the drawbacks.

3. IObit Undelete

Those after a user-friendly recovery process and quick scanning can stick with IObit Undelete. The main value of the tool is retrieving any amount of data in the free mode, and no previous experience is needed for using it. Basic scanning will show great results, especially in retrieving data from recently formatted cards.

This makes it a brilliant non-paid option for formatted SD card recovery.

Conclusion: Can DIY Tools Be Effective for Formatted SD Card Data Recovery?

The short answer is yes. No matter how long ago you lost the data and formatted the card, it’s feasible to recover data from a formatted SD card. As a user, you still can facilitate recovery by doing as less as possible to the storage device after it was formatted.

So, take heart and try out this reputable software and recover the SD card after format action.

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