SafeBoda’s Mobile Money Payment Service Now Available to the Public

SafeBoda to compete with players including telecom companies and fintech apps in the mobile money payment service.

SafeBoda last week on March 23rd officially launched its own mobile money payment service which will see the motorcycle-hailing company compete with players in the same space like telecommunication companies and a range of apps offering the same services. The service was first seen in a beta version of the SafeBoda app by beta testers including PC Tech Magazine before officially launching it to the public.

“Our mobile money payments service is now open for all customers to use and enjoy the convenience and affordability that comes with it,” Ricky Rapa Thomson, Co-Founder and Director of Ops at SafeBoda told the press at the launch event that was held at Lazio’s bar and restaurant in Kololo. He adds, “Our ambition is to help Ugandans be able to receive better travel and payment services with safety, affordability, and convenience as our key value propositions.”

Mackay Aomu, the Director of National Payments Systems at the Central Bank of Uganda.
Mackay Aomu, the Director of National Payments Systems at the Central Bank of Uganda.

Mackay Aomu, the Director of National Payments Systems at the Central Bank of Uganda commended the tremendous effort that SafeBoda has taken in its journey as a Ugandan tech startup that first revolutionized the informal sector of motorcycle taxis (known as Boda Bodas) get digitized. “We were excited when we saw the SafeBoda app. It has been long overdue.’

Aomu also noted that the Central Bank of Uganda hopes to extend digitization to agricultural and social services. “This is the new industrial revolution and no one should be left behind,” he said at the launch.

With the launch of its mobile money payment services to the public out of the way now, SafeBoda is expected to get more aggressive in the fintech sector. With the funds, secured from Google Africa Investment Fund at the tail of 2021, SafeBoda says it will help the company drive its growth in Uganda and Nigeria, scaling its transportation-led app to offer new payment and financial services solutions for its expanding set of customers: passengers, drivers, and merchants. Thus, part of the objectives of the fund is to see the company launch its fintech service and make an impact on digital financial inclusion.

“SafeBoda welcomed Google to their community and are excited to continue to drive innovation in informal transportation and payments in the Boda Boda (East Africa) or okada (West Africa) industry,” said Ricky at the time they secured the fund.

SafeBoda launched in 2014 starting out with a mission to change the way people were consuming motorcycle taxi transport services. During that time there was hardly any company that was offering the same service. The entry of SafeBoda into the motorcycle taxi business brought a new horizon to the industry because for the first time people were able to see disciplined riders who would stop at the traffic lights and ride with care. SafeBoda’s birth saw other companies including UberBoda, TaxifyBoda, DialJack, Mondo, to mention a few come into the same line of business but haven’t been so successful compared to SafeBoda.

SafeBoda has evolved since then and to date offers a number of services on their app like Paying Bills for TV, NWSC, and UMEME. What is unique is that the company put out an aggressive campaign charging only 1 shilling for every bill paid regardless of whether the bill amount is 1 million or two thousand shillings.

“Now on the SafeBoda app, a customer will be able to order affordable safe rides, pay their bills for so little as 1 shilling, buy airtime and receive a cashback of 10% to mention but a few,” said Ricky.

SafeBoda is now accelerating its status to the Super App that will help Ugandans move forward with a one-stop shop for all their daily needs. Their update app is available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

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