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Xiaomi launches a new printer, the Mijia Inkjet All-In-One

The multi-functional device is capable of high precision photo printing, and a self-cleaning feature helps reduce the chance of the inkjet's clogging

Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Inkjet All-In-One Printer, capable of printing, photocopying and scanning.

The company suggests that the device could be shared by a family at home or used in an office space.

According to Xiaomi, the printer can deliver high precision photo printing with 1,600 print head nozzles capable of a minimum injection volume of 4 picoliters.

When scanning and photocopying, in either color or black and white, an intelligent enhancement algorithm restores document details to ensure the resulting file is clear and accurate.

Xiaomi claims that the four high-quality color ink cartridges can print 9,500 color pages. The company suggests that it is easy to replace your ink cartridges mess-free thanks to its press interlock structure.

An ‘anti-backward’ design helps to reduce the likelihood of paper getting jammed in the printer. Also, the printer can automatically clean its inkjets, triggered by the local climate, to lower the risk of clogging.

In addition, the printer has automatic low ink detection and WeChat remote printing features.

Alternatively, you can connect to the gadget via USB or wirelessly using Xiaomi Carefree Connect from Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS devices.

The Mijia Inkjet All-In-One Printer is currently available in China for ~US$189 (~UGX661,500).

Customers will receive a complete set of ink cartridges with the device. Xiaomi has not announced whether or when it could bring this printer to other markets.


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