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8 Tricks to Make Users Trust Your Website and Boost Conversions

Your dream to turn website visitors into customers by utilizing conversion rate optimization becomes true when your products convince maximum users.

Trust plays a pivotal role in increasing conversions on your website. Conversion is the main key when you are handling strategies related to paid searches. Your dream to turn visitors into customers by utilizing conversion rate optimization (which helps you earn every penny spent on pay-per-click) becomes true when your products convince maximum users.

But, if users don’t trust your website, you are at a loss of gaining conversions. Your website should also be SSL secured, owing to the increased incidences of scamming and MitM attacks. An SSL certificate encrypts the in-transit communication between the web server and the client browser. It comes in varying types and at multiple validation levels.

Installing an EV SSL certificate (that offers the highest validation level) for website security and other strategies helps raise the conversion bar.

What is the Conversion Rate?
Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who purchase from your website compared to the total number of visitors who have visited your website.

About Website Conversion Rate:
Research indicates that the average website conversion rate is 2.35%, whereas the topmost 25% of sites reach more than 5.31%, and if your website is positioned in the top 10%, your conversion rates are bound to be 11.45% or more.

Google Ads analysis showed that the advertisers had a party time by converting rates twice/thrice to the average.

Are you willing to place your brand in the average category or the topmost category?

I have personally analyzed website data, and conversion rates and hence can pen down a few common tricks which can get your landing pages in the topmost position.

And let me ease you by saying that it isn’t difficult to double or triple the conversion rate.

How to Boost Conversion Rates?

  1. Explicate your Website Goals:

Before commencing the journey to increase conversions, set up your website goals to measure your site’s progress. After defining the same, study and check visitor behavior against them.

Few Common Conversion Goals:

  • Count of sales per day.
  • Visitors visiting your page.
  • A number of surveys filled.
  • A number of links/buttons clicks.
  • Count of accounts created.
  • Content shared.

You can set goals and track user behavior to set suitable site optimization for increased conversions.

  1. Strengthen your Brand Definition:

The gateway to raise the conversion bar lies with the trust factor. And trust solely depends on your brand image. Of course, customers love to benefit from your products, but they focus on the brand and its values.

Create a positive and enticing aura around your brand with strong values which can influence the masses. This will help you in highlighting your brand, taking it to the top position.

Educate visitors on your brand and share your mission, thoughts, vision, logo, product line, etc., to instill confidence in them. This will encourage them to use your brand products and help you gain word-of-mouth publicity of your brand.


  1. Invest in Data Privacy

Data privacy and SSL certificate go hand in hand. Though there are ample web securities to secure your hardware and software, SSL encryption security is essential to shield intruders from accessing your site.

The above benefits of SSL certificate security cannot be ignored. Show your visitors that you are concerned about their data privacy by installing an SSL certificate on your website. This will strengthen the trust factor, leading to a rise in conversions.

SSL certificates encrypt all the information with 256-bit data encryption and convert the same into ciphertext. This text looks gibberish and is difficult to penetrate, which causes intruders to abandon such sites. If you intend to expand your business soon by adding new subdomains, we suggest that you go for a cheap wildcard SSL certificate.

Example: Cheap wildcard SSL certificate of any popular brand, installed on your website procured from reliable yet cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate providers, secures the primary domain of your website and all the first-level sub-domains with a single certificate.


Perform Data Analysis
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is all about solid figures rather than assuming or estimating the same. Perform data analysis to know more about visitor behavior and their preferences. This will give you an idea as to where you need to focus on optimization.

Check these Data Points:

  • Data on outgoing/incoming traffic.
  • User behavior details.
  • Research abandonment rates and their reasons.
  • Check out the CTR on marketing strategies.
  • Other customer reviews.

Once you have all the information regarding user likes, dislikes, expectations, and desires, you can use the same to create your brand persona and increase the graph of your conversion chart.

  1. Conduct Competitor Analysis

To sustain competition and gain a good position amongst your competitors, you need to research and analyze their products and the pros and cons associated with them. This will help you to highlight your product’s strength and get more conversions.

Are you aware that the visitors weigh all the options before purchasing a product?

They will check out competitors’ products and compare them with yours to come to a purchase decision. Then, conduct competitor analysis, check out their websites, customer experiences, market positioning, pricing and offers, etc., to devise a clear-cut strategy for lowering the bounce rate of your website.

  1. Accentuate your Value Proposition

A promise to communicate values, deliver and acknowledge the product’s best features/services is a value proposition. In short, it is the answer to why a user should buy your product amongst all the competitor’s products.

Since a value proposition can be applied to a brand or its products, clarify the positives through various elements to uplift your company to the top position.

Value proposition reflected in product taglines, images, and videos should focus on your USP (unique selling point). For example, a USP of less than ten words is ideal for promotion and memories.

Conduct an A/B test to find the most appropriate tagline for your target audience.

  1. Assess your Conversion Funnel

Your conversion funnel must be properly defined to rate your conversions. Understanding visitor requirements and the lapses and reasons which force them to abandon your site can be ascertained with the conversion funnel.

Analyze the stage where your user loses the motivation to buy your product and optimize your website accordingly. Each funnel will have some people dropping off due to specific reasons before they reach the next funnel. Investigate these drop-offs and try to minimize them with varied solutions for a better conversion rate.

Example: Research indicates that slow delivery leads to a 19% abandonment rate, and the same can be fixed by hiring more agencies to reduce the product delivery time.

  1. Raise the Trust Bar with Positive Feedbacks and Testimonials

For increased repetitions and referrals, your customers must stay loyal to your brand. But if the trust factor is missing, they may fail to stay for long. Trust can be increased with positive reviews from other clients, testimonials, social media likes, etc. will all ultimately enhance credibility.

Research indicates that more than 50 reviews per product can increase the conversion bar by 4.6%.


  • 92% of customers check online reviews before purchasing a product
  • 72% of consumers focus on positive testimonials for gaining trust
  • 70% of people trust online reviews and recommendations

All these positives add confidence in the brand and trust in the company and products.

  1. Promise User Satisfaction

Last but not the least, what matters is the smile of a satisfied customer. Unfortunately, in the sale of products or services, you may encounter many dissatisfied customers who have issues with your product.

Address the same with appropriate solutions and within the fixed time frame to keep them satisfied.

Example: Money refund, product replacement, exchange of products are some solutions that work great with customers.

Invest in a good customer service team that will help resolve customer queries quickly, thus creating loyal and satisfied customers.

Few more Tricks to Increase Conversions:

  • Social media presence.
  • Be accessible on phone, email, live chat, etc.
  • Relationship building via strong content.
  • Good return policies.
  • Incorporate a FAQ page.
  • Increase site speed.

Final Thoughts
After taking care of site and data privacy by installing an SSL certificate, optimizing the website, building a strong brand reputation, gathering, and highlighting customer testimonials, enhancing value proposition, customer satisfaction, etc., it also helps gain a whooping conversion rate. Incorporate the tricks mentioned above and bloom your digital sales.


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