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Here’s How To Access And Use PS5’s Hidden Web Browser

A web browser is one of the few PS4 features Sony did not carry over to the PS5 —at least, not officially. But critics discovered the PS5 has a hidden web browser that you can use to load up generic websites.

For most of you that didn’t know, it turns out, there is a built-in dedicated web browser on the PlayStation 5 (PS5). If you tab through the PS5’s menu, you’ll come across a selection of web browser settings —including options to clear cookies, change Javascript preferences, to mention a few.

So how do you locate the web browser, and how do you use it?

To access the web browser, you can open it in several places through the console’s settings menu, such as by accessing the online user manual under Settings > User’s Guide, Health & Safety, and Other Information > User’s Guide. It may also pop up in-game to load announcements, user agreements, and other documents.

The downside is that the browser does not include an editable URL bar, so you can’t use it to navigate to other websites. Sorry, guys! However, there is a way to open pages and surf the web on PS5 —the trick involves linking your Twitter account. By linking your Twitter account you can then access other web pages through your Twitter feed.

To do this is;

  1. Hold down the PS button on the PS5 controller to bring up the menu.
  2. Scroll over and select the settings icon.
  3. In the settings menu, go to Users and Accounts >> Link with Other Services.
  4. Select Twitter from the list, then select “Link account.” This opens the Twitter login page in the PS5’s browser.
  5. Log in with your Twitter account.

Once you’re logged in, you can open links from your Twitter feed, and the pages or media will load in the browser. While you still can’t plug in a URL, you could feasibly use this workaround to link your way around the web.

Note that some pages may not load at all, or will load slowly —but there are ways to possibly speed things up. But there’s always a trick up people’s selves, so to try and speed up web page loadings;

  1. Go to Settings > System > Web Browser.
  2. Turn on “Allow Cookies” and “Enable Javascript.”

Keeping these settings off is better for your privacy, but they might help some pages display properly and load more quickly if enabled.

The web browser on the other hand also has settings to prevent cross-site tracking and for deleting cookies and website data. These settings imply Sony expects users to open pages beyond just user manuals and social media login screens, despite the browser’s current, limited functionality.


So officially, the PS5 doesn’t include a Web browser, marking an apparent software downgrade from the PS4. Therefore, a dedicated web browser app is one of the few PS4 features Sony did not carry over to the PS5 —at least, not officially. But critics/reviewers discovered the PS5 does actually include a limited, hidden web browser interface that you can use to load up generic websites on your TV in a pinch.

It’s possible the app could blossom into a fully-fledged web browser after a future update, allowing users to surf the web on PS5 just like they can on PS4, but for now, it’s at least a novel way to load links if you happen to use Twitter on your PS5.


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