Editor’s Pick: Website Design Mistakes Every New Website Owner Makes

We help you out and save you from making mistakes that every new website owner falls victim to.

When you create your very first website, you are probably going to be overwhelmed with positive emotions. Those same emotions, however, distract you and provide a nice cover for some costly mistakes that you are probably going to make during the designing of your first website.

So, to help you out and save you from making mistakes that every new website owner falls victim to, in this article, we will focus on just that.

1 Too much or too little going on
The main objective of a website is to share business information with its visitors. Many websites fail in becoming successful because of either providing too much or too little detail. If visitors fail to understand what your website is about, they will simply bounce out and go elsewhere. Therefore, a crowded website design is never a good thing. Find a website designer near me.

The websites with too little detail are also on the other end of the spectrum because they even fail to give the visitor enough information about the business. Usually, the visitors come to your website to know what your business can do for them.

It is best to keep your content to a minimum and always look to include information that is necessary. If it’s your first time doing it, make sure to go over the web content and re-think whether what you have put on the website is necessary and how it serves the user.

2 Confusing design
Another mistake that new website owners make is that they overcomplicate their website design. This is because some website owners use various features like typefaces, images, color palettes, themes, and plugins with no relation or added benefit to their site whatsoever. This often happens when you don’t have a good idea of your brand.

An overcomplicated website design will not only confuse and push away users, which will hamper your CTR and conversion rates but will also tell Google that users are not having a great experience on the website, which will then put your website lower in the ranking.

3 Unclear CTA
For those that don’t already know, CTA stands for Call to Action. It is a common term utilized by website designers that is fundamental for driving sales, capturing leads, attaining new sign-ups, and quite literally, achieving the objective of whatever the point of your website is.

If you have a terrible CTA, or even worse, you don’t already have any sort of Call to Action, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Always use a compelling phrase along with the content that describes your product or service. “Click Here”, “Get Started”, “Add to Cart”, “Get a Coupon”, and “Buy Now” are some quick and accurate call-to-action phrases that you can use on your website.

4 Lack of Contact Information
Providing contact information to your visitors is also another important part of your website. Many new website owners overlook it and do not provide detailed contact information that is easy to find. It is the contact information that builds your credibility in the consumer’s mind and shapes their buying decision now and for the future.

How many times have you wanted to contact a business on the internet without success because you couldn’t find their “Contact Us” page? To avoid the same mistake and improve user experience, make sure that your “Contact Us” page is just a click away from the reader. It is far better to provide contact information at the bottom of every page as that is a standard that a lot of large websites follow.

Be sure to hire a local website designer to help you out if you have made any of the mistakes listed above.


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