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The Infinix XClub App: A Community App For Smartphone Users to Network From

Getting started with the XClub app.

Infinix XClub is one among the many apps of Infinix XOS that come exclusively pre-installed on any Infinix smartphone. However, Infinix has now made the app is available for everyone and it now downloadable on Google Playstore and can used on any Android smartphone.

The app is an online mobile internet forum that was created and provided by Infinix Mobility. It serves as a community where all Infinix smartphone users and now all Android smartphone users can meet up to share and discuss various issues and ideas concerning their various devices and any other interesting chats they would wish to as well as learn from.

The app has over 20 million plus users from different regions and countries that come to learn from each other which is one of the goals of the app here. Sharing ideas!

The XClub app is a social app, unlike other social apps which need OTT to work if not using VPN, the XClub app does not need OTT, thus OTT free which is a good thing for its users.

But other than just socializing with different users around the world as well as in your own region, the app comes with other features such a as a wide range of games that can get you win goodies from Infinix. By this, while playing games you win XCoins which can be used for shopping, and the shopping is done in the XShop another of their Infinix XOS app collection. You find interesting products and pay using the XCoins you won playing games.


Infinix informed PC Tech Magazine that the XClub app has also got a feature, a weekly medical session that users can get in contact with health experts for help as well as learn from different health health topics via the app, thus helping you know more about your health.

Asides from the socializing, the app offers a section to showcase the latest sand newest infinix smartphones which some come with reviews giving you a better understanding of what infinix phone to get next.

Infinix Mobility saw the need of smartphones users connecting and socializing together and learning from one another and that’s why they decided to make their XClub app available for all android smartphone users. The have went a head to offer a chance for new users joining to win the Infinix NOTE 7 which is one of the latest infinix phones released this year.

How to get started, and register for the app;

  1. First, download the app from Google Playstore.
  2. Open app after installing. Click on REGISTER on the login page.
  3. Type in your phone number and in a few minutes a validation code will be sent to your SMS.
  4. In put the validation code then select your unique username and password. Alternatively you can use a valid email address to register (easily the best way).
  5. SUBMIT.

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