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Google Maps to Make Live View Available for iPhone Users for Better Location Sharing

Google Maps has also updated its Live View to help put pinned location markers in more accurate alignment

Google Maps has announced that iPhone users will “soon” get to experience an updated Live View when sharing location along with all Android users. Google Pixel users last month started seeing the upgraded Live View that features even more helpful arrows and direction guidance to find a pinned location.

Google in a blog post said the augmented reality in Google Maps brings digital arrows, pins, and markers right in front of you as you walk while looking through your phone’s camera.

Google Maps Live view has been around since August 2019, and it’s incredibly helpful when a person is trying to get oriented or find an address or pinned location.

With the update, if a user opens Live View in the Maps app when a friend shares a pin from a park, the user will see arrows and directions telling them exactly where to walk.

This works best once the user is in the vicinity and has the phone held out in front of the walking path. The user needs to click on Live View and instead of guessing which meadow the other person is, the user will be directed right to the other person’s direction.

It should be noted that Live View only works on AR-compatible phones.


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