The world around us is continually changing and evolving. We see advancements taking place in every
sphere of life. Whether it is technology, scientific inventions, medical science, or any other discipline, we
can witness development. From AI to machine learning and robotics to automated cars, the world is
progressing. In this scenario, the survival of the fittest seems to make sense.

It means that those with superlative skill and professional experience have better chances of growth.
They are more likely to survive the tide and sustain their success long-term. In this scenario, it is
incredibly crucial that we think out of the box and choose our educational program accordingly.

One must have a qualification that enables them to offer their expertise in a variety of disciplines. In
other words, it is essential to keep the versatility aspect in mind when entering a new program. And one
of the most sought-after of those is an English major that allows us to pursue several present-day job

But what are those roles? That’s what we will discuss in this article. The truth is that the positions need
more spotlight, given their significance and need in the times to come. So, let’s look at the jobs you can

pursue with your English degree. Making an informed decision at the crossroads of any career allows
one to optimize their chances. Let’s begin.


Writing is one area towards which those with an English major get naturally inclined. It does not come as
a surprise because those who sign up for the degree have a literary mindset. They often contribute their
writings to different publications and share their views in expressive ways. A skilled technical writer
generates explicitly content for a website or other documents by describing a specific product.

Now, you are probably wondering how to become a writer and create your worth in this industry. Well,
you can read about that particular discipline and develop your expertise to write. For instance, you may
read a lot about tech to write about it impressively and comprehensively. Technical writers can earn a
salary above the mark of $60,000 annually.

Social media management is another emerging area where a writer finds interest and potential. In this
digital age, we see an enormous emphasis on being digital and optimizing the platforms fully. It gets
emphasized because no business can gain a credible search engine ranking sans optimization. None of
that is achievable without some excellent content. And, at the core of it lies literary work.
An individual with an English major makes the best use of the skills to craft eye-catching and compelling
content. They are the ones who master the use of the words to convey the message with the least of
words. And, they ensure the maximum of effect with it. Social media managers can earn 50,000 a

If you plan to join a law firm and assist your clients in a literary capacity, then enrolling for an English
major should be the choice. The truth is if you ask any lawyer what their core expertise is, they will
narrow it down to the writing expertise. From crafting the memos and furnishing arguments in the court
to legal documents, lawyers make use of the writing skills.
Lawyers use the best of their writing abilities to construct the written material for the clients carefully.
We can imagine how vital the literary aspect is for the law students who are engaged continuously in
generating drafts. Of course, you would need an additional degree in law to turn it into an all in all
success. An attorney may earn over $122,000 per annum.

Content development is another area of writing that requires meticulous and shrewd writing skills. No
content developer can expect to stand a good chance in the competition or create an impact without
creating catchy content. The same goes for an editor who has to have good attention to detail. Such
individual here functions as a gateway to check for writing consistencies and quality. Writers and editors

use their writing skills to communicate with the target audience and achieve performance milestones.
The annual salary for a content developer is approximately $60,000.

Teaching is a stronghold of the writers, and they are the ones who make use of a multitude of skills here.
It is those with an English major who take due care of the vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar.
English specialized professionals have vast opportunities in linguistic capacities and roles in major
organizations. As for the salary, a qualified teacher may earn up to $45,000 per annum.

English major is the ideal program to enter in for those who seek literary expertise. During and after
graduation, they find opportunities in a diverse area and spheres. They serve as the backbone of every
organization’s core writing functions and enable it to communicate it generously with others. It is due to
the discreet writing abilities that businesses stand out in the competition and make a noticeable impact.


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