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Online Shoppers Using TechSpecs to Compare Electrnoic Gadgets

TechSpecs enables online shoppers to compare electrnoic gadgets before buying them. Using new tech based on DAR and AI, shoppers are able to interact with a virtual model of products they might want to buy.

TechSpecs a mobile application and a google chrome extension expands to Uganda to offer online shoppers the ability to compare and generate standardized technical specifications of all consumer electronics using technology based on Deep Augmented Reality (DAR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) replicating the in-store experience.

Consumer electronics have come a long way in recent years, but how we shop for them hasn’t changed much since the birth of eCommerce. Comparing tech specs online involves multiple searches across different platforms with no way to get a sense of the look and feel of the products. And so, TechSpecs wants to radically change this.

TechSpecs is a startup created by Ral Oz to take comparison shopping for electronic gadgets to the next level. The platform has a comprehensive library of popular consumer electronics boasts the standardized specs for over 16 million different products — with the list is constantly expanding. This makes it easy, and convenient, to search and compare electronics quickly from home.

You can compare up to five products to find the right one for yourself. For instance comparing smartphones, you can evaluate camera capability, battery life, memory, performance, and more, all from one convenient platform; TechSpecs. Finding the perfect device for your needs has never been easier.

The platform also has iOS and Android apps similar to the chrome extension that allow users to do more than the browser extension. TechSpecs features apps created by third-party developers along with its own in-house apps— including the Try app.

The Try feature can show what the gadget for instance, an iPhone 11 looks like in someone’s hand, this made possible because of Deep Augmented Reality (DAR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology; which uses the camera on your mobile phone to project virtual images against a real-world background. Same technology used as Pokeman GO. AI and DAR technology then allows you to interact with the 3D model of the device, bringing them one step closer to figuring out whether the product is right for them.

“This technology is a game-changer because people like to try out electronic devices before ordering them online,” Oz told PC Tech Magazine. “Brick and mortar shops can only carry so much inventory. Our technology lets them experience a range of products before they buy.”

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