How to Keep Your Online Personal Data Theft-free While Using a Public Internet Connection

Public internet does not encrypt your data, which makes it hard for anyone to intercept and this is the main reason why you are not as protected.

If we look at the larger picture, the internet is probably the greatest invention that we as a species made in our history. Providing us, on a daily basis with all sorts of information that we require, allowing us to stay in touch with our friends, shop online or exchange data with other parties with ease has made us think little about our own security.

What is considered the public internet?

Before we dive into methods that will assist you with keeping your data and information private from any prying eyes we must make sure to understand what the open internet is and how it functions.

Public internet or Internet of things is a virtual space that is a publicly accessible system of networks that allows the connection of computers and devices all around the world using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or Internet Protocol (IP) which are a standard for transferring and receiving data. By using these two methods, Internet Provider Service (IPS) is able to pinpoint your location in the world, track your internet, and download history.

Most of the time this is harmless due to the fact that they are being used to adjust the marketing to suit your area, keep an eye on any illegal activities or frauds that you may commit. That being said, this does not mean that the IPS will use these data to harm you or your privacy but it also means that anyone can take a look at your internet activity and logs which can leave you open to any possible malicious intent that may lurk around. When using the public internet it is crucial to remember to stay safe online and understand the possible threats and identify them on time in order to keep your data safe.

What does this mean for you and how to keep your data safe?

Let us picture this situation, you are in a coffee shop or an airport, which uses the public internet connection. As you go on with your business surfing the web, you are being connected to the same internet that all of the people in that area are using. This means that every personal data that you send via the internet can be traced and interrupted by a third party viewer or a hacker attack. The biggest issue could be a possible online banking theft, personal information leak that may lead to a bigger problem in real life. Having an option to keep your data safe is a crucial part of using the internet. This is why we strongly recommend the usage of VPN services which provide you with full anonymity and safety on the internet no matter what you do.

The public internet does not encrypt your data, which makes it hard for anyone to intercept and this is the main reason why you are not as protected as you may think while doing even the simplest of things on the internet.

VPN and the perks that come with it

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that provides you with full anonymity and safety while using the internet. By creating a private network that only you can have access to, VPN ensures that the data you send or receive is encrypted and safe from any possible breach. Functioning as a tunneled protocol it ensures that the data that is being transferred arrives safely to the desired address without the threat of being intercepted or exploited. This means that every e-mail sent, every communication made, download history, and websites you visited remain anonymous to everyone but yourself, including the IPS. This is due to the fact that VPN uses a private network that you created anywhere in the world and all of the data used will be sent to that private network which remains anonymous to anyone who wishes to do you harm. This is one of the main methods in keeping your data safe while browsing the open web.

Essential features you should opt for when choosing VPN

As time goes by more and more VPN services come to light and the choices are immense when it comes to staying safe on the internet. That is why you must do your research and find the right service that will benefit you in every aspect that you require.

Here, we will list some of the essential features that you should expect from VPN providers that will keep your data safe:

  1. Fast connection speed.
  2. Good encryption and high-security protocols.
  3. Ability to work on multiple devices.
  4. An option to gain access to global content.
  5. Reliable customer support.
  6. Trustworthy policies and great user experience.
  7. Value for money (service provided for the amount paid).

No matter what your business is on the internet, your safety should always be your number one priority and VPN is a great tool to make sure that you stay safe. Other than using it for privacy protection, this service can be used to unblock global content (ex. streaming services, location-locked music, etc.), provide you with the best deals business-wise, bypassing censorship, or even downloading stuff off the internet safely.

The usage of this software grants you great possibilities that are practically unable to harm you or your personal information in any way. More and more people are beginning to gain trust in VPN on a daily basis and there is no reason why you should not give it a try.


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