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CAA Guidelines on Importation and Operation of Drones in Uganda

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) the regulator of the aviation industry in Uganda has released the guidelines on importation and operation of drones in the country.

Here’s as follow;

  1. Identify the Ministry in Uganda within which the activity falls and write to that particular Ministry seeking a letter of no objection.
  2. Write a letter to the Chief of Defence Forces Uganda seeking for another letter of no objection (Attach the previous letter of no objection from the Ministry).
  3. After the acquisition of clearance from the Chief of Defence Forces, you can proceed to import the drone to Uganda.
  4. At the point of entry in Uganda either by air or land, acquire clearance from Uganda Revenue Authority (Customs) for the importation of the drone.
  5. After importation, permission has to be sought from Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) to operate the drone in Uganda by writing to the Director of Safety, Security and Economic Regulation on related guidelines.
  6. All documentation of previous clearances at the various stages with the following additional requirements should be attached before further clearance is granted:
    • Drone operations manual and specifications.
    • Pilot’s Drone training certificate, licence and Class 111 medical certificate issued by a recognized aviation designated medical examiner.
    • Observer’s particulars.
    • Geographical location and map of the area of operation.
    • A copy of third party insurance.
    • Fully completed authorization form.
  7. You will be required to pay the authorization fee of UGX200,000 + 18% VAT at the Uganda CAA Cash office located at Entebbe International Airport and to submit a copy of the payment receipt.
  8. On satisfying the above application criteria, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority will issue the following:
    • UCAA Drones Operations Permit.
    • Summary of information/particulars of the registered operator.
    • Specific operating conditions of the permit.


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