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Dickson Mushabe Launches a Fundraising Platform to help Ugandans During the Lockdown

Techprenuer, Founder and CEO of Hostalite; Mr.Dickson Mushabe launches Dolphin Fund; a community-driven digital fundraising platform to help individuals, small businesses digitally and seamlessly receive donations from friends & family in Uganda and in diaspora as well as well-wishers.

Mushabe in an interview with SoftPower News, said the platform will be much of help for Ugandans during this lockdown, a directive that was set by President Museveni. The directive is stay home till the pandemic, covid-19 is neutralized in one way or the other.

Mushabe told SoftPower he wanted to use his skills to contribute to solving the covid-19 problem for Ugandans during the lockdown, hence developing Dolphin Fund.

“After the sudden announcement of the lockdown something clicked in me. I knew people would be caught off-guard with the suspension of the businesses and means of livehood. It was clear to mean that financial stress was going to be a major problem,” said Mushabe.

“It was at this point that I decided to build a platform that will help Ugandans fundraise digitally and seamlessly receive donations from friends & family in Uganda and in diaspora,” he told SoftPower.

Just like any other fundraising platform, to use Dolphin Fund and start a fundraising campaign, you ought to register with the platform first. You can register for a causes as individual or as an organization.

Starting a campaign, the fundraiser sets the goal (amount of money they need), add a story (why they are fundraising), add a photo/video to accompany their story, and finally submit for publication.

The cause goes through a verification process, and if meets the criteria it is then published.

Donations can be done using mobile money and visa cards and can be done anonymously if the donor wants.

The fundraiser later receives their donation after 10 days after the expiry of the fundraising. However, Mushabe says they are looking at cutting on the time as they noticed that there are people who may be in dire need of the funds.

Fundraisers receive their funds through mobile money, promoting a cashless economy.

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