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Stephen Odzer M.D. on Top Innovation Trends That Will Change Healthcare in 2019

Technology has been playing a major role in the healthcare realm for a while now. With every passing year, pundits are making predictions on areas that tech will impact. Venture capitalists and other kinds of investors interested in healthcare are also very keen on what is going on in the tech realm.

In 2019, various changes and trends are expected in healthcare. The following is a quick look at some of the changes that will define the year.

Precision medicine has been a trend for a while now. In 2019, the trend will become fully developed as a new approach to patient care evolves.

Precision medicine is crucial for treatment, especially in oncology. Researchers are currently trying to come up with medicine that is tailored to the genetic makeup of each patient. By understanding the makeup of individual patients, treatment can become more effective.

Pharmacogenomics has a great future as a form of providing effective treatment for diseases that are tied to genetics. More and more companies will thus start to invest in precision medicine in 2019 and the coming years.

Stephen Odzer M.D. on Cybersecurity in the healthcare realm
Cybersecurity is becoming a concern for most organizations today. Stephen Odzer M.D. is one of those pediatricians who have been following the trends. As a renowned pediatrician, Dr. Odzer sees technology as both an enabler and part of the future growth for healthcare. He reckons that cybersecurity issues will need to be assessed further in 2019. 

Indeed, cybersecurity is key to the success of the industry as a whole. Stolen data can result in the crippling of the entire health services sector. With breaches becoming more common, healthcare investors and pundits will focus more on issues around cybersecurity.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data are all changing the world of business. These technologies are increasingly being used by healthcare institutions to bring new approaches to healthcare. Many hospitals and clinics are already testing or using AI to perform various tasks from monitoring to diagnosis.

Pexels photo.
Pexels photo.

This year, many more applications that are specifically using AI technology will come up. Investors and businesses are also increasing their efforts in ensuring that projects are not scarce. The various startups that are coming up are also receiving support from every shareholder in the industry. The machine learning and AI realm will thus continue to grow in 2019.

There are indeed many other trends set to define the healthcare realm in 2019. There has been a recent trend to push surgical procedures and other services to outpatient centers.

This trend might continue to be relevant in 2019. In addition, the advances made in the behavioral health realm will also be on full realization this year. Various health issues that come as a result of behavioral health are now easily monitored using technology. Mental health, drug use, and other issues will lead to more investments in this realm.

Many other trends will define the year and the coming years. The above trends are however some of those that will be most noticeable. Investors need to understand the various changes happening in the market so as to make the right choices.

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