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You’ve received the letter warning you NBN is coming. You have anywhere from a year to a year and a half to decide on an NBN plan. It’s probably tempting to let this one sit to the side for a while. But what happens when you leave it too long? 

You Waste Money
If you don’t compare NBN plan options, you’ll almost certainly waste money. You may choose a service based on who sends you an advertisement first.

You may feel relief at having made the decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one. If you choose a cheap plan that doesn’t have enough bandwidth or volume, you’ll end up either getting throttled at the worst times or paying overage charges. Or you’ll choose the first service provider who contacts you, regardless of what they charge.

You pick the premium plan because you think that’s what you need, and you pay more than necessary for your internet and phone service.

Your Experience Suffers
You should compare NBN plans so you know what level of performance is normal for your area and what should be considered the going rate. If you choose a cheap plan that has almost no bandwidth, your internet service won’t be that much faster than dial up.

If you sign up with a plan that has a low data cap, you’ll have fast downloads, until they stop. Either way, your experience suffers. Then you have to find alternative solutions, like using up the data on your phone. Or you pick a service provider who doesn’t provide good service, and you’re left with throttled connections and a lack of customer support when issues arise.

You Lose Access
If you don’t compare NBN plans, you might lose access. NBN companies can’t switch you over to a plan if you don’t choose one when access to the copper wire network is switched off. They’ll simply turn off your internet and landline phone access.

There are a few exceptions, but this is generally restricted to businesses that have mission critical infrastructure. Like a nursing home with remote monitoring of patients or a business that serves the community, not the person who keeps putting off their decision. If your access is cut, you’re left with whatever service you have via your cell phone and whatever free internet access you access.

What if you just sign up with someone at the last minute? They might take a while to switch you over, and you’re left without phone and internet access until it’s set up. Or you sign up with someone with spotty service, and your internet access cuts out at the worst times. Don’t wait to start researching NBN service plans, compare your choices and find one that suits your budget and lifestyle.


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