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How Technology is Making Us Question What We See, Hear and Feel

The exponential growth in power of our technology is changing every aspect of the world we live in, from how we work, to how we learn, and how we spend our leisure time. There can be no doubt that it’s changed our world for the better, creating possibilities that simply weren’t there a generation ago.

In recent years, however, it has also brought about new challenges, making some people question whether what they see, hear and feel is real at all. Is technology enabling fakery and cheating, and if so, what can we do about it?

The Emergence of Deep Fakes

One of the phrases of the last few years is ‘fake news’, but is technology making it harder to spot what’s real and what’s not? Advanced technology is now being used to create ‘deep fakes’, that is video footage of real people saying or doing things that never actually happened at all. This technology could soon become widely available, especially as users across China can now do it via a simple mobile app called Zao, as this video from NBC shows.

As this technology becomes more powerful and more prevalent, the onus will be on social media platforms such as Facebook to stop its proliferation, and this is one of the main challenges that Mark Zuckerberg, and society as a whole, now faces.

Hidden Adverts That Target What We Watch

Highly targeted adverts can be extremely lucrative, which is why user data is possibly the most valuable commodity of them all. We all know that our online activity can leave a trail which results in targeted adverts, which is why more and more people are using software that blocks this trail and opting out of ad personalization.

Recently, however, advertising tech specialists Ryff announced that companies would now be able to embed their ads directly into streaming programs, making them immune to ad blocking software, and creating virtual product placement adverts that work on a more subliminal level.

Apps That Help Partners Cheat

Partners who cheat is as old as time itself, but technology is making it easier for them to cheat and get away with it, as some apps allow them to store images and information away from the person they’re supposed to be in a relationship with. Check out this blog from Secure Forensics that answers the question, ‘what apps do cheaters use?’ If your partner uses these apps regularly, it could be a warning sign that all is not right, so it’s time for a frank talk with them or to use the expert services that a digital forensics company can offer.

Vigilance is key as we face an increasing threat of fakes and falsehoods from our news outlets, our adverts and even those we love. If you think a partner is cheating on you, a forensic digital investigation can put your mind at ease, one way or the other. Knowledge is power after all, which is why we should all take advantage of the positives that technology can bring and stay one step ahead of the fakes.

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