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Andela Cuts Roughly 400 Staff & Developers from its Nigeria, Uganda & Kenya Hubs

Andela has today announced the departure of approximately 250 junior engineers and staff from its Nigeria and Uganda hubs with another 170 potentially impacted in Kenya. The move comes as the company looks to restructure its talent pool to more closely align with global market demand.

Andela is now working with all impacted and potentially impacted employees and is committed to providing a holistic professional and financial support package.

Andela is also partnering with CcHUB (Nigeria), iHub (Kenya), and Innovation Village (Uganda) to help connect impacted developers with opportunities in their local ecosystems. Together, they’ve identified over 60 companies looking to hire top quality junior engineering talent.

Jeremy Johnson, Andela Co-Founder and CEO says, “As the talent world has evolved, we’ve as well, and over the past few years it’s become increasingly clear that the world needs what Andela provides. It has also become clear, however, that the majority of the demand is for more experienced talent, and to keep up with it, we need to grow our senior talent base even faster.”

He noted that the shift in demand also means that the company has more junior talent than it’s able to place.

“This is a challenge for the business, and for these junior engineers who want, and deserve, authentic work experiences that we’re not able to provide,” said Jeremy.

Beyond this restructure, Andela continues to grow rapidly with plans to hire an additional 700 experienced engineers by the end of 2020.

Today’s announcement will not affect Andela customers’ operations, as the company evolves to deliver even stronger engineering support for their teams.

Andela Uganda Country Director; Ms. Jackie Ochola, says, “Whilst we strongly believe that these changes will enable Andela to be a more successful business going forward.”

She as well added that they are working closely with strategic partners in the Ugandan tech ecosystem to match amazing talent with current opportunities.

Moving forward, the company will continue to invest in the Andela Learning Community (ALC) which has already introduced over 30,000 learners across Africa to software engineering. Over the next three years, the company expects over 100,000 engineers from across the continent to take advantage of programs within the community.


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