Ugandan Businesses Are Utilizing Content to Reach International Customers

The eCommerce revolution in this country has brought a lot of positive impacts. Small and medium businesses across Uganda are now connecting with customers from different parts of the country and expanding their reach. More products and innovations are being introduced to the market too.

The huge impact of the eCommerce revolution is now followed by surprising growth of the country’s eCommerce businesses. Even small businesses are gaining traction and growing at an exponential rate. Further investigation revealed that the secret behind this growth, is content.

Content is King

Content, specifically content marketing, offers a great way to connect with a wider audience. Rather than having an eCommerce site that focuses on selling products or services, many businesses now add a Blog or Article section to their websites. The purpose of adding a Blog section is because general viewers are coming to the site as well.

Content marketing isn’t a new trick in the digital marketing playbook, but it is a trick that works really well. After all, content is king, and viewers always seek valuable content. For businesses in Uganda, investing in content becomes crucial.

Another interesting thing about this trend of utilizing content marketing is how small and medium businesses can produce genuinely appealing content. International customers are now following stories about businesses from Uganda, the challenges they face, and how the people behind those businesses work together to overcome the challenges.

Better Delivery

The rise of content marketing among ecommerce companies in Uganda is also boosted by the availability of content delivery methods. It is no longer difficult to start a blog; all you need is a capable, managed WordPress hosting and the right theme for the blog.

Managed WordPress hosting provides the best performance and the most flexibility, all at affordable prices. Rather than succumbing to the limits of free platforms like Medium and Wix, businesses can be more flexible with a self-hosted WordPress blog and how it is set up.

You’ll be surprised by how a simple plugin or a tweak to the blog’s theme can alter the user experience of a blog completely. Add the fact that there are now hundreds of plugins that can be used to deliver unique user experience, and you have the perfect way to deliver compelling content indeed.

It’s Only the Beginning

The utilization of content marketing and blogs among eCommerce companies is growing rapidly, but it is also worth noting that we’re only seeing the beginning of a larger trend. It is only a matter of time before more businesses incorporate this and other digital marketing instruments to their operations.

In the meantime, seeing Ugandan ecommerce stores and small (home) businesses catering to international customers is pleasant and refreshing. The digital economy of this country is becoming a solid foundation for future growth, and this trend is just one of the many bits of proof that it can.

If you haven’t used content marketing to promote your eCommerce business, now is the perfect time to get started. Set up a blog, write compelling content, and begin attracting customers from around the globe.


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