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6 Simple & Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon

In 2019, Amazon offers many, and varied ways to earn money online. Some of these are great ways to earn some side income, in other cases they could be a full-time online job or even the potential to grow a substantial visit.

Let’s take a look at the 6 simplest and best ways to make money on Amazon.

  • Become an FBA Seller on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon can generate significant profit and revenue with a little time and effort. Using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program makes this process essentially seamless. Under the program, the seller only needs to arrange shipment of the products to the Amazon warehouse. From there, Amazon handles storage, packaging, shipping and customer service.

This means that you can focus on creating great listings which will sells, and marketing your products to new customers. Meanwhile, Amazon will take care of the headache of logistics, including dealing with delivery problems and returns.

  • Sell Media Through Amazon Advantage

Amazon Advantage is another program which lets you promote and sell media through Amazon.com. Using the program opens you up to millions of customers available through the platform, and similar to FBA takes care of distribution and order fulfilment.

This platform is geared toward content owners such as publishers, music labels, studios and authors, rather than resellers of products. However for content owners and publishers it can be a great opportunity to market and sell your content. In order to get started, you need to set up an online Advantage account, enrol your products and then ship your products to a designated Amazon warehouse. From there products will be sold and shipped based on customer demand (and your selling and marketing abilities).

  • Launch a Book on Amazon

Whether you are a writer looking to launch your first book, or an established author, Amazon allows the opportunity to sell your book online. You can sell either Kindle, audio or hard copy versions, or a combination of these through the platform. Publishing to Kindle is particularly simple and lucrative, being free to publish and eligible for up to 70% in royalties.

Similar to selling any product on Amazon, securing great sales for your book is strongly linked to how well you rank your product. Having a book in the Amazon best-seller list gives you a definite advantage. Ranking your book on Amazon comes down to a range of factors, most notably:

  • The category you choose
  • Your sales conversion rates
  • Having good reviews
  • Set Up an eCommerce Business

It is possible to set up a profitable ecommerce business based on selling products through Amazon. This starts with product development: it is critical to choose products which you are passionate about, will rank well (more on this to follow) and which you can build a strong brand around.

Developing an effective organic marketing strategy is essential to building any successful online business, and Amazon-based ecommerce businesses are no exception. On Amazon, the most important thing you can do to drive traffic to your site is to rank highly on Amazon search results. Ranking your product listing is strongly linked to sales performance, as well as reviews, organic traffic and keywords.

Therefore a successful Amazon business strategy involves:

  • Improving conversions
  • Keyword research & optimisation
  • External marketing to drive organic traffic
  • Encouraging customer reviews

By putting in some time and effort, and executing these elements well, you can earn a steady passive income from selling your book(s) on Amazon.

  • Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon’s Affiliate program can be used to monetize your current website blog. It works by mentioning specific products and adding an affiliate link. You then receive a commission for each purchase made when a reader clicks on the link (and finalises the sale).

In some cases, websites create post solely for the purpose of creating, and profiting from, affiliate links. At other times, links may be introduced to organic posts in a natural way, as appropriate. Either way, depending on the traffic of your website or blog, affiliate links can be used to generate a steady, passive income.

  • Work For Amazon

Finally, you can actually work for Amazon itself as an employee! Almost every position requires taking an Amazon assessment testThe company always has available positions, many of which allow you to work from home. In particular, they often recruit work-from-home customer service agents, most often during the holiday season. This can be a great option for people looking to earn some extra income, as well as those looking for a regular part-time or even full-time job.

Amazon customer service agents are responsible for communicating with customers over phone or live chat in order to resolve issues and answer questions. The general requirements are a high school diploma, strong English skills, computer skills, and a reliable internet connection.

Whatever method you choose, whether selling products, using affiliate links, or working for Amazon as an employee, you will find that it can be relatively easy to earn money through Amazon.


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