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9 Web Opportunities for Students to Write Essays Fast

Today, it is easy to work on the Web – there are a lot of options available online. Why not use them while studying at high school, college, or university? This article introduces some tools and strategies for writing and editing with which you’re likely to be occupied. This information will help you become a more effective and confident writer whether you need to write an essay or a research paper on any page count.

Whether it’s academic help you’re looking for, or inspiration like from best poems for college students, you can find it online. Great academic performance should no longer be a burden. You can easily find essay examples to use as a reference and master your writing.

The mechanics of writing can be frustrating, but there are tools that can help students to write fast. Take advantage of them right now!

1.   Google Drive

Today, almost all writing happens online, and Google Drive is an online tool that can help students with the process of writing. When writing, it is common to confuse words but this tool can help with that. All you have to do is just right-click on the word and you can define the word. It also gives you the synonyms so you can come up with a different word that may work better especially if you are using a particular word repeatedly.

2.   Dragon Professional Individual

This is a speech-to-text software, also known as speech recognition and voice-to-text. It is perfect for students who feel more comfortable speaking their ideas rather than writing or typing. Now, when you consider that most people talk faster than they write, it’s not surprising that this tool is becoming more and more popular every day. You can even find versions for your smartphone or other handheld devices. Another advantage of using speech-recognition software is it minimizes spelling and capitalization errors. If you feel more comfortable typing your work yourself but want a little extra help, you could use word prediction software. You might already be using a similar application when you text your friends! Know that function that tries to finish your words for you? This tool will enable you to use the words you want to use instead of the words you just know how to spell. Plus, they can cut down the extra time you take to edit your text because the software rarely makes spelling mistakes.

3.   Word Counter

This is a simple web service you can use to immediately know how often you are using a word. Word counter lets you know if you are using a word too repetitively within a given document. If you are writing for the web and want to write SEO-friendly content (there are certain keywords you want you can use), this tool is very helpful. See in what number of instances your keywords are used within a text. This is an additional benefit of the Word Counter tool besides showing how many words are written (it isn’t less important for students to know whether they manage to meet a word count – there are 3 ways to increase word count. Follow them!)

4.   Scrivener

This is a word processor from a small company called Literature and Latte. This tool is useful for students who are working on a document where they need to organize and structure a lot. It allows you to create building blocks of whatever you are working on. If you are writing a paper, you can take notes and put on the index card, and then assemble them later into a word processor format. Scrivener is a fairly inexpensive word processor perfect for structured writing where you will do a lot of research for the final content of your paper. Additionally, it has a planning tool and a corkboard where you can put your ideas and sayings.

5.   Grammarly

This is online software you can use for checking your punctuation, grammar, spelling, and other related errors. Grammarly is very useful for catching those odd spelling mistakes that most students tend to make – see the list of 15 common mistakes that kill your writing credibility. This tool checks the written content by coming up with some suggestions to make it better. It can help to make your essay clearer and less embarrassing. Also, it does plagiarism checking for you. If you are used to clipping content from different sources and you accidentally include them in your document without proper citing, this tool will tell you if it is found somewhere else. This allows you to either credit the original author or rewrites it.

6.   Mendeley

This is good for students who have to manage lots of research when writing papers. Mendeley is a desktop program that allows you to upload research papers, journals, publications, etc., and help to manage them in an organized library. It has a referencing feature that helps students generate citations by simply uploading relevant research papers. It also has a suggestion feature that suggests relevant news and research articles to its users.

7.   Twinword Writer

This tool is especially good for those students who often have trouble finding the right word to describe something. It has a built-in thesaurus that detects when you pause writing and it then suggests alternate words you can use in your writing. Twinword writer will help you with those essays you are finding hard to finish now, thus helping to decrease stress and increase the time you can spend on other activities – walking, swimming, yoga, painting, etc.

8.   Evernote

This is another simple tool that helps students to organize their thoughts and notes into corresponding notebooks. It allows you to annotate your notes, use tags to find notes, and set reminders. It is a great tool for spur-of-the-moment thoughts and you can easily open it on another device later.

9.   Fast Essay Writing Services

When you need a college paper in a short time, a competent FastEssay writing service will deliver this on time. So you can meet any possible deadline on a 24/7 basis. So real writing experts are always there to render assistance when you need it. If you have an instant need for an essay, you can get urgent custom paper writing help from a competent writing service. They can deliver an article as soon as an hour or within 2 to 3 hours. They offer students quick help so they can meet up with last-minute deadlines.

Now, you have more chances to write essays fast. You have a little left to do. Use all the mentioned web opportunities right now for better results than simply reading this article.


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