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Has The Addiction to Gambling Increased After the Smartphone?

Smartphone, tablets and other portable devices have become exceptionally popular during recent years. It’s not surprising, considering how useful and amazing such devices are.

They allow us to reach out to other people, use apps and access the internet wherever we are. They allow us to live much more flexible lives without giving up technology. It’s now much easier to do than ever.

One of the popular ways to use mobile phones, however, is online gambling. There are loads of apps as well as mobile websites that offer gambling entertainment to adult smartphone users.

With such unparalleled benefits that the mobile phone gives, many people are concerned.

Could it be that the increasing popularity of mobiles feeds gambling addiction as much as it improves our lives? Let’s find out.

The Popularity of Mobile Phones and Gambling

It’s visible with the naked eye that the usage of mobiles is booming today. More than 3 out of 4 people use smartphones every day. Many of them spend more than 2 hours on average using the devices in some way.

Such easy access to the internet and various applications are no doubt valued by online punters as well. Using the current technology, they can place a bet immediately after they experience and urge to do it.

It takes just a few seconds to launch a casino site or an app, select a game and start playing. For this reason, experts are noticing an undeniable and steady increase in mobile gambling as opposed to betting on laptop and PC.

So, smartphones are certainly responsible for the shift to mobiles among the gambling populace.

Gambling Addiction and Mobile Phones

Does this mobile phone and gambling correlation in popularity mean that the same applies to addiction as well? If this was true, we’d see the number of addicts rise with the number of bettors on phone.

Many websites in the industry, such as, are writing about these statistics. However, few of them provide numbers that would support the hypothesis.

In fact, the number of addicts remains relatively similar to that of previous years. Its increase could only be traced back to the rise of online gambling in general. Yet, this is related to computers and laptops as well as pocket-sized devices.

Most Addicts Bet on Mobile

True, about 50 per cent of gamblers or people concerned about their betting behaviour use mobile phones. This percentage is much higher than it was a few years ago. Ten years ago, there were none gambling addicts on mobile at all.

What this shows, however, isn’t the fact that smartphones are a catalyst for irresponsible behaviour at a casino. Instead, it simply shows the adoption of smartphones by the gambling community.

If you looked at the official statistics, about the same number (1 in 2 people) use mobiles at online casinos. If the number of addicts was out of proportion among punters, the two percentages simply wouldn’t be the same.

Then again, we’re not saying that smartphones are addiction-proof. Maybe some more time needs to pass before we see the effects of events that are taking place today?



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