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Five Ways to use Social Media for your Online Business

With the current increase rate of social media users, online businesses have a great chance to market their products and services on the platforms. I mean if I take an example of Facebook, to advertise your business, you can reach up to billions of people while still sited in your office. However, proper timing when promoting your business on these platforms counts a lot. So ensure you do your post during the evening and around lunchtime when most of the people are free to see them. Here is how social media can be of help to your online business;

  1. Set your Goals

Before you start marketing or opening your business account on any social media platform, it’s always advisable you place both your short-term and long-term goals. List them down and work hard towards your achievement. Here are some of the questions that can guide you in setting your goals;

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Choose a platform

Having identified your audience/customers, and your goals set, it’s now the time to choose the social media platform that is more appropriate to your business. You can opt for Instagram if your business involves products and not services. You’ll then post your products’ images and display them for potential customers to see. The platform is however used mostly by the youth, hence ensure what you offer targets them.

  • Network and connect

Social media is meant to socialize. So follow your friends and network with more people. You can have your group to engage with your followers. Make sure you remain active by commenting, sharing or asking questions to assist them even when you’re not advertising your product or services. When people trust you, they’ll quickly become your customers. Make sure you’re online most of your time to attend to any customer that may be interested. Make use of online services such as Adelaide IT Services whenever you’ve trouble with your machines and have more time with your customers.

  • Automate your account

Being a business person, you got to utilize your time well to attend to many customers and make more money. Social media automation tools ease your stress by helping you manage your account even when you have too much to handle.  For example, you can schedule a Hootsuite tool to update your post any time. Therefore, as you deliver your orders, this tool will be getting more for you in your absence. 

  • Listen/Offer excellent customer service

Hear your customers out. Whether they’re complaining or complementing about your services/product, you should always remain confident and calm as you offer them excellent customer care services. Encourage them to share their views so that you can keep on improving and attracting more clients. You can also make use of live chat to help your customers out.

Social media can increase your sales more if you utilize it well. Making the use of social media managers will help you to post and market your business across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. However, it is always good to edit each platform according to its tone and style.


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