Smart Door Lock Features You Need to Know

Smart locks are becoming sophisticated these days. It continuously develops and adds new security features which is always useful and effective not only for consumers but also for protection.

Since the development of door locks from stone age to this day has been very impressive, smart door locks have notable changes that everyone must know.

It is also a good to know the features of smart door locks when you are looking for something to use on your house.

Keyless feature

You are not the only one who always forget or misplace your door key. Almost everyone of us have experienced it and I am telling you, it not a good thing to experience. Keyless door locks are convenient, easy to use and more importantly, secured.

You don’t have to bring your keys with you because you just need to remember your access combination and key in your code whenever you need to get inside your house.

Automatic lock feature

Do you always check your door twice whenever you leave your house to make sure it is locked? Well, we have all been there. We always make sure that our front door is locked before we leave the house, right?

You never have to do that anymore with smart door lock. It automatically locks the door whenever your door is closed and you don’t need to double check it again because it does that job for you.

Multiple access codes

Smart door locks have multiple access codes. This means you never have to put your spare lock underneath your front door rag anymore. Instead, you can just give permanent or temporary access codes on your door to your friends, relatives whenever you are away or not in your house.

You can also delete or change existing access code on your door so you won’t have to worry if you let a repairman inside your house.

Remote access

The most sophisticated feature of a smart door lock is the ability to be controlled and accessed from a far or short distance as long as your device is connected online. You can use your mobile phone to control and navigate your door and at the same time, record all people coming in and out of your house with your smart door lock.

The remote access feature gives you an advantage especially when you are upstairs, in your living room or taking a shower, you can still let people come in your house in just a click away.

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