Alibaba Offers Workshop on Promoting a Digital Economy for Rwandan Government Officials

A delegation Government of Rwanda officials have completed the first New Economy Workshop at Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou. In this four-day workshop, twelve government leaders representing various businesses met with members of the Alibaba executive to discover the transformative impact and promise of a new digital economy and learn how to drive economic growth. stimulating the digital finance, logistics, e-commerce, and big data sectors.

The program of the workshop on the new economy aims to enable participants to use their knowledge to continue to support the development of the digital economy in Rwanda. Participants included the CEO Council for development of national agricultural exports (NAEB) of Rwanda , Ambassador of Rwanda in China and representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM), the Council of Higher Education (HEC), Rwanda Public Service Regulatory Authority (RURA), Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), Rwanda Development Council (RDB), the Rwanda Energy Group (REG), and the Ministry of ICTs and Innovation (MINICT).

The workshop follows the launch of the first  African eWTP platform in Rwanda attended by President Kagame and Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma last October. Under the eWTP agreement, the Government of Rwanda and Alibaba pledged to work together to strengthen the country’s economic development by promoting political innovation and building capacity to boost the growth of Rwanda’s digital economy.

“At Alibaba, we have seen the transformative impact that the digital economy can have on the development of an inclusive society. This workshop on the new economy aims not only to help Rwanda’s policymakers build capacity but also to inspire them to become spokespersons for Rwanda’s digital transformation and for the country’s technology companies. Said Angel Zhao, president of Alibaba’s Globalization Leadership Group.

As part of the Rwanda eWTP collaboration, Alibaba Business School will also conduct the first Alibaba Netpreneur Training program in March. The program is designed to boost the digital knowledge and know-how of entrepreneurs who are currently operating in Rwanda, or in the process of expanding into there.

The Alibaba also offers an entrepreneur training program called the eFounder Fellowship in partnership with the United Nation Conference and Trade and Development. To date, 52 fellows from Africa and 75 from Southeast Asia and Pakistan have completed the program since the inaugural class in November 2017.



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