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How you spend your lunch break can determine how productive you are throughout the rest of the day. If you want to reduce stress, improve your creativity, and increase your passion for work, you must make the most of the time you have away from your tasks.

To ensure you don’t waste a single minute of your day, find out how to maximize your lunch break.

Make Sure You Eat to Increase Productivity
Are you guilty of working through your lunch break to meet an important deadline? Well, it is time to stop. You might think it is more productive to keep working, but you could be causing more harm than good.

Skipping a meal can lead to lethargy, low productivity and poor mood. If your stomach is constantly rumbling and your head is aching, you will struggle to concentrate on a time-sensitive task. So, make time to take your lunch break to grab a bite to eat.

Connect with Nature to Improve Your Attention Span
Studies have found that strolling through a quiet park can refresh a person’s attention span. If possible, steer clear of busy streets and head to a green, natural space. It will help you to return to work with a new focus, and you will feel less stressed.

Play a Game to Lower Your Stress Levels
Research has found that games can help with stress management, as they can increase a person’s emotional awareness and coping skills. When your lunch break arises, consider playing a fun game to help you take a break from the tasks piling up on your desk, such as a puzzle, real-time strategy, or a Unibet game.

Exercise to Boost Your Mood
If you want to decrease your stress levels and improve your mood, you should take a late lunch to enjoy some exercise. That is because your muscle strength will reach its peak between 2-6pm, and your lungs will also perform better during the late afternoon.

Use your lunch break to hit the gym, go for a run, or enjoy a brisk walk. It is an ideal lunchtime activity if your workplace offers shower facilities. Your body will feel the benefits of a workout, and you’ll be in good spirits throughout the rest of the working day.

Take a Nap to Improve Your Memory
Do you regularly work from home? If so, time your lunch break for around 2pm, which is when the human body experiences a natural dip in energy. It is during this time that you are more likely to procrastinate, as you will lose your focus and may find it difficult to absorb information.

A power nap of around 20 minutes will, however, ensure you are bursting with energy, so you can hold onto new information. Schedule in sleep to improve your memory, which will help you to excel in your professional life. This will ensure you never forget a big idea, meeting with a client, or an important piece of information about your industry.