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Desktop VPN apps are slowly gaining popularity amongst individual as well as corporations that make rampant use of the internet. VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, are responsible for keeping your connections secure even if you are making use of a public network. Hence, it is an essential commodity in businesses, especially if your business contains confidential information and documents. Furthermore, apart from providing added privacy and security, VPNs are also capable of dealing with issues like Firesheep and WiFi spoofing, thereby safeguarding all your communications. Finally, the most important advantage of using VPN is that it opens avenues to work from home through secure remote access.

Still wondering if desktop VPN apps are good for your business? Read on to know more about how you can make the most of VPN services to boost your business.

VPNs beef up your security

Virtual Private Networks bolster your security while you step into the murky waters of the digital world. It drastically reduces the risk of any security breach or cyber-attack. In the current scenario, we often encounter news breaking out in one form or the other in which some company has had to bear the brunt of a cyber-attack. Apart from losing money, businesses also lose their client’s trust in them. Also, the attack leaves even major companies staggering and recovery may take a long time. One may even need to hire dedicated IT professionals to sweep out the networks. Using a VPN transports your employees to a safer network, which will ensure that your business is not the target of such malicious activities.

VPNs boost productivity

VPN gives the opportunity for your employees to telecommute and work remotely. This gives your company an edge over the others since your employees can work even from the comforts of their home away from the office. Also, the technically aware employees may be hesitant in logging into their work accounts through public networks, especially when they travel a lot. Using VPN, you can offer them the peace of mind due to the knowledge that all their data remains confidential.

VPNs offer a sense of security even to your clients

The virtual world is progressively growing digitally literate. Thus, if you take the extra step and offer secure VPN connections to your clients while collecting their critical data, they might wish to continue and strengthen their association with you. Whether you are dealing with clients, patients, or customers, every internet user would appreciate the fact that their information is stored securely. Even the users, who are not aware of the benefits of desktop VPN apps, could gain awareness thereby building a greater trust in your firm. Using a VPN is a practical way to convey to your clients that they are your first priority.

VPNs let you stay at work even when you are traveling abroad

If your business involves excessive traveling to various countries, then using your VPN to mask your original IP address to an IP denoting your usual physical address may be important. Other than giving the impression that you are “staying” at work, it also allows you to access content that may be blocked in the country that you are visiting. For example, you cannot access even Facebook if you are a US citizen using a Chinese IP address. Similarly, some content is geo locked and can only be accessed from a particular location, by using a VPN you will not lose access to your sites.

VPNs are worth the investment

VPNs can definitely carry out more tasks than one. From adding a layer of security to allowing access to content, VPN can do it all. Given that, one may think that VPNs cost an exorbitant amount and are not feasible for your business. However, setting up a VPN at your work is worth the investment. The subscriptions start at $10 per month. Thus, no matter what the size of your business may be, it will be affordable for your line of work. VPNs are easy on the pocket and are immediately effective from the moment you make the purchase.


There are many desktop VPN apps that are available online, ranging from free ones to those demanding a nominal subscription fee. While it may be a tempting idea to avail the benefits of a free desktop VPN app, it has its own limitations, the primary being that free desktop VPN apps have a limited geographical coverage. Also, free VPN services also set off some security concerns as to whether the network is making you vulnerable to hackers. However, you can always test a VPN service provider on a trial basis (based on what they are offering, which could range from 7 to 30 days) and settle for one that suits you best.