As it was previously written in the Guardian, we should use modern gadgets to make the educational process more comfortable, but we should also fully acknowledge that they truly don’t make it effortless. It is the most adequate answer to those who are afraid that soon students will not really study, just use gadgets to receive better grades. Of course, some cheating can be spotted, but some sorts of cheating for better grades can be traced back to the beginning of the Western education as we know it, so it is not a matter of a serious concern. Here are some ideas on how modern gadgets help students in academic writing.

Using gadgets saves time

Time is king when it comes to students’ lives because a load of assignments becomes more significant with every passing year. It is not an overestimation — students often spend up to 70 hours per week dealing with their classes and assignments. If it is not too much, then we don’t know what it. Using gadgets saves valuable time which can be used efficiently for extra activities, sports, and rest, which is critically important for cognitive activity. Time is also useful for activities like volunteering, which can be added to your scholarship essay or another type of college and university application. Essay writing is not the only thing that matters, you know?

Gadgets make your grammar better

You can use a microscope to study the cell’s structure and you can use a microscope to drive in a nail. Using grammar checkers and proofreaders installed in your gadgets you can either make editing automatically, like a monkey or learn from the suggested editing remarks. Most students who use such proofreaders continuously say that often half a year is enough to stop making 80% of mistakes you were making before. It is a real development which doesn’t cost you bad grades. You can use such gadgets online or pay for inbuilt versions. We recommend using premium versions at least for half a year to receive the whole range of editing comments: regarding grammar, style and even the originality of your paper.

Gadgets make studying more fun

One of the biggest problems of education is that students are bored to study, they hate the process itself and it, undeniably, affects the results. Online learning, even related to such widespread thing as an essay writing makes things much more accessible and efficient. You can learn new words, which will make your academic papers shine, with programs similar to Memrise, you can play the variety of grammar games, etc. More of it, you can attend online courses at EdX, Coursera or other platforms and get more knowledge about the topics you have to write essays on. There is an impressive choice of disciplines and we are sure you can find the most suitable ones.

Gadgets develop students’ ability to multitask

Though it is often argued that gadgets harm the attention spans of the adolescents, we see it differently. Of course, the attention problem exists, but it is more related to the addiction problem than to the usage of gadgets for making an essay writing better. Using gadgets while dealing with assignments helps students to multitask, do several things at once. There is a fight between supporters and opposers of multitasking, so this point can be called controversial.

It would be foresighted and irresponsible to write an article on the benefits of gadgets and not to mention the drawbacks. Here are the most valuable ones:

Students get addicted to games and useless browsing

Adult people have the same problems nowadays, but having more responsibilities, mostly manage this addiction. Students, however, can spend hours watching short videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and similar platforms. It is a huge problem, because this way they lose lots of time they could spend writing essays, and at the same time they don’t rest enough, because their brain receives new information continuously. There is almost no way to take gadgets away from students in their leisure time unless they get involved in some exciting extra activities, mostly sports.

Social networks harm the studying process

Unfortunately, social networks are really destructing. They make students (and adults!) think that they have friends to talk to, new information coming all the time, some fun communicating, it gives a feeling of being busy and involved. This feeling is mostly fake.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of professional academic writing services which can be helpful for college students. There is no way an average student will give up his or her gadget, so the most valuable thing to be done here is to increase awareness of the benefits of gadgets as essay writing assistants. Students should see alternatives for time-killing games and constant chatting in social networks.