Hairah Kibuuka - Managing Director, Sharz

Studying abroad may be one of the most valuable experiences for any student. It gives them the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land as well improve on their employability. In an increasingly global workplace, employers want employees who are flexible and comfortable in multicultural settings.

Studying abroad can, however, prove to be an impossibly large stack of tasks to accomplish with the long application processes involved. Meet ‘Sharz’, an education placement agency that is embracing a digital approach.

Sharz is a highly dynamic placement agency based in Uganda, that helps connect students and professionals towards appropriate study opportunities in secondary/high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels abroad. It specializes in student placement, training and business development for Universities and Colleges.

They provide free consultation to students by helping them make the right selection for courses as well as identifying the right institutions for them.

According to the company’s Managing Director, Hairah Kibuuka, the agency prides itself on the ability to innovate, both around the options they provide to their students, as well as the initiatives they undertake to attract the right students for partner institutions.

Sharz has taken a digital approach to deliver its services which is inline with their tagline “Borderless Study consults”, as they use the digital platforms to fulfill their mission of accelerating student success by bridging borders on international education.

The agency’s approach is to partner with institutions all over the world to identify courses of interest to their students, with the top destinations being institutions in Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, and Turkey, according to Mrs. Kibuuka, in an interview with PC Tech Magazine.

“We start with counseling the student, helping them make the right selection on courses and identifying the right institutions, then proceed with the application process. This is accompanied by an application fee that varies between institutions,” she said, about the agency’s process.

“An offer letter is then received, and an initial deposit of the tuition fees is paid to the institution for a letter of acceptance to be released,” Kibuuka continued.

“The letter of acceptance is then what we use for student visa applications, followed by other supporting documents,” Kibuuka concluded.

Sharz aims to offer the best consultancy services to students so they can compare various courses being offered by different educational institutions thus enabling them to make informed decisions about their choices of further studies.