What We Know So Far About UTL’s Capable Investors

Last week we reported that the Ugandan Government had up to May 26th to find a new capable investor that could revive State-owned Uganda Telecom (UTL) after the Libyan shareholders; Libyan Post Telecommunications and IT Holding Company (LPTIC) with 40% shares withdrew from the telco leaving the company almost to a state of no return. Now its four (4) days to deadline, and press hasn’t gotten anything as yet.

However, what is on board right now, according to reports by Daily Monitor, we so far know that five (5) willing investors have come out to save the telco. That’s to say; Afrinet Communications, Mauritius Telecom, Hamilton Telecom, Telecel Global, and Baylis Consortium and Teleology.[related-posts]

Below is what we know so far about these firms;

Afrinet Communications
Afrinet Communications is a technology firm that is affiliated to Kenya’s biggest telecom firm Safaricom. And as per on going rumors, they could win the bid of taking over Uganda Telecom.

Mauritius Telecom (MT)
Like the name states, ‘Mauritius’, it’s a telecommunications company based in Mauritius, with its current Chief Executive; Sherry Singh, having about 357,000 telephone customers, 804,000 mobile customers and 162,000 Broadband Internet customers as at June 2014, according to reports. Together with its subsidiaries, they provide voice, mobile, Internet, and data communications services in the country.

They offer home services, including fixed line, internet, and My.T convergent services for international calls, as well as NetPC, a computing device; and business services, such as telephony, mobile, internet, international connectivity, intranet, data and defense solutions, and advertising solutions.

They also provides call center solutions, which comprise customized call center, local directory information, business directory and tourist information, automated services, and customer relationship management services; and wholesale services

According to current reports, their revenue increase is about MUR 10 billion (roughly UGX 1,064 trillion) as of 2017, and their total asset are estimated at MUR 15.805 billion (roughly UGX 1.69 trillion).

MT’s biggest shareholder is Orange S.A. (formerly known as France Telecom) having 40% of its shares in the telecom. The other 60%, 33.45% is owned by the Government of Mauritius, 19% to SBM Investments Managers Ltd, 6.55% to National Pensions Fund, and 1% to the Employees of Mauritius Telecom.

Mauritius Telecom owns eight (8) other subsidiaries including;

  1. Call Services Ltd (CSL), a telemarketing company.
  2. Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd, a cellular phone service provider.
  3. Mauritius Telecom Foundation.
  4. Mauritius Telecom International Ventures Ltd.
  5. MT Properties Ltd.
  6. MT Services Ltd (MTS).
  7. Telecom Plus Ltd, an internet service provider.
  8. Teleservices (Mauritius) Ltd, a telephone directory company.

On a point of note, MT’s predecessor was Overseas Telecommunications Services Ltd.

Hamilton Telecom
We reported that no local investor was ready to take over the falling Uganda Telecom. However, Hamilton Telecom  is indeed a Uganda-based telecommunication firm and is not affiliated or have any connections to U.S-based Hamilton Telecommunications.

The telco provides Uganda’s telecommunication industry with the most agile and comprehensive solutions which include and not limited to Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) services, fiber; backhaul; last mile connectivity, Cloud Communication Platform, and Business OutSourcing.

Telecel Global
Telecel Global according to reports, is the leading group of mobile operators in Africa, a quadruple play operator in South Africa and a service provider across the world. It is an international carrier and service provider for Voice, Data, SMS and IPTV providing a range of IoT/M2M products & services with mCommerce platform connecting world’s largest retailers with mobile operators, all designed to provide benefits for businesses, governments & consumers.

Telecel is the first brand to establish a mobile operator in Africa while now it is operating from offices in Europe, Africa, Latin America and MEA keen to successfully spread-heading disruptive telecommunication and revenue added services globally.

Baylis Consortium and Teleology
Said to be a private Equity firm led by a former MTN Nigeria Executive; Adrian Wood. It has no official website.

Writer’s Note: This article is under development.

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