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How Technology Has Put a Tracker on All of Us

It is no longer possible to disappear without trace. If you had the desire to never be found again, you would find it almost impossible to do so because technology has indeed put a tracker on every single one of us.

You could have no debts, no ownership of transport or buildings, you could have no job, and no earnings, but you would still be visible via a public records search.

No, it’s necessary.

The question remains, why would you want to disappear completely anyway? Aside from that, public records keep us all safe. Whilst anyone can search these records and find out basic information about us, none of that information is particularly sensitive. If someone reaches out to you, you don’t have to reach back out to them, and in terms of staying within the law, such records ensure that we are all accounted for, that we all pay our taxes, and that we are all recorded in our country of origin.

A regular records search would give you access to millions of Americans. Technology has therefore made it possible to track us all, whether it is via such online searches, or through a paper trail.

Whenever you use your credit or debit card, it is recorded; whenever you leave the country, it is recorded; whenever you make a telephone call, it is recorded. Big Brother is indeed watching, but it’s vital that you keep this in perspective. It is not spying, it is about safety.

How do you feel about the possibility that someone could do a search online for you? This makes some people uncomfortable, but as we mentioned before, if someone does reach out to you as a result of a search, a simply no reply will be all the answer they need.

The Changing Face of Technology
Can you remember the times when everything was recorded by paper? It’s so long ago now that the current generation growing up probably doesn’t have the first clue that this ever happened! Computers have gone viral in more ways than one, and they are now responsible for more tasks than we ever dreamed of. The chances are that this technological advancement will continue into the future, and who knows what will be down to IT in the days to come.

Many people feel nervous that their every move is somehow recorded, but technology is not used as a spying tool in these cases. It is also important to see these searches as useful. If you want to find someone, you can easily sign up to a searching site, which will give you access to the information you need. This could be vital, it could be about trying to find a lost parent or sibling, it could be about trying to get back in touch with a relative who disappeared years ago. In these cases, records open to public perusal are vitally important.

Big Brother may be watching, but he certainly isn’t watching every move you make.


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