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Safeboda Uganda Partner’s With Two Online Marketplaces For Delivery Satisfaction

Moto-Taxis are innovative solutions in frontier markets and are becoming the most common methods of getting around in most/many areas around towns. Strongly regulated, they’re meant to follow traffic laws, carry one passenger, and carry goods that don’t exceed a given weight to them.

Notably, safeBoda that has successfully leveraged their competitive advantages operating under a known, quality brand and the consumer’s ability to electronically hail a safeboda, have today announced two new partnership with online marketplaces, Something Ugandan; an online marketplace for diversified products of artistic expression made from and/or by Ugandans, and Turn the Page Africa; an online bookshop for African literature – with the main aim of enhancing their reach, better mobility, as well as continue delivery satisfaction through their premium service.

The two firms have ensured that their partnership with safeboda will ensure safe delivery of customers products, and according to a poll that was conducted by Drive in Uganda; a premier community for driving enthusiasts in Uganda – showed that Safeboda is the second safest private transport means in Kampala with Uber taking the first place.

Out of the 411 votes, 33% was voted for Safeboda.

SafeBoda publicist Damalie Wasukira told this website that despite having spent a shorter time in the market, they’ve taken a number of riders through safety training to ensure customer satisfaction.

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