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Medical Concierge Group introduces a medical search platform for fast access to health services

The Medical Concierge Group has introduced a search service that will allow anyone to easily search for and conveniently find information on healthcare services whenever they need it.

TMCG Medical Search Platform is an online search service for those looking for Medical Specialists, Hospitals, Ambulances and other health services in Uganda.

TMCG explained to PC Tech that this service has been introduced because many people today are referred to a pharmacy, laboratory service, specialist or looking for reproductive health services.

“We have always internally curated this information and made it available to our call center doctors in order to provide accurate responses to our users,” Dr. Davis Musinguzi tells this website.

Dr. Davis also promised that the firm is looking to integrate into commonly accessed services like Messenger Bots and other social media chatbots after emerging Top in a Facebook Chatbot Developer competition in Sub Saharan Africa.

“We want to transform this into a search service that anyone can use online and also through social media Chatbots. That way anyone can find information on healthcare services whenever they need it.”

They also detailed plans to crowdsource new and updated information from the public in addition to their sources, to enrich this search with information on services and pricing where possible.

Back in 2016, TMCG celebrated 50,000 monthly online users, a figure we believe has increased.


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