M-Voucher’s parent company, UgInnovate officially rebrands to Vouch Digital

Ugandan startup UgInnovate has announced that it is rebranding to Vouch Digital beginning this year.

Last year it was recognized at the World Startup Summit (WSA) for its flagship product, M-Voucher System which reported UGX. 1,177,633,700 Billion transactions towards the end of last year.

A statement in the official communication reads: “Our new brand identity speaks clearly about the niche we’ve carved out for ourselves in the digital ecosystem. In the past one year, we’ve tested, piloted, and built digital voucher systems that have enabled thousands of farmers to access seed crops, post-harvest equipment as well as farming equipment.”

Commenting on their plans for 2018, “Vouch Digital is looking at adding more life-changing digital technologies for a wider customer base. We are positioning ourselves to build viable, scalable solutions in the distribution sector. We aim to work with government programs that distribute life-changing products and services to beneficiaries, refugee programs that distribute goods and various items to refugees in host communities and camps, organizations that work with farmers and distribute items such as fertilizers, seedlings, and farming equipment.”

In the official statement, Vouch Digital also said it is working to launch another exciting product, the M-Voucher+, a smart card voucher application that uses a permanent voucher smart card that will work as an identity card issued to beneficiaries and is reusable. The system will be able to track each beneficiary bio data as well as goods and items they are eligible to redeem from approved merchants, shopkeepers or agro-dealers.


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