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Ride Cashless: How to Buy Safeboda Credit Using Mobile Money

Moto-Taxis are now innovative solutions in frontier markets and are becoming the most common method of getting around in most/many areas around our towns. They’re (Moto-taxis) are strongly regulated; drivers/riders wear helmets, reflective vests, follow the traffic laws, and carry an extra one for their passenger who also does wear a helmet.

Famously known safe moto-taxi in Uganda; SafeBoda, has successfully leveraged their competitive advantages-drivers operating under a known, quality brand and the consumer’s ability to electronically hail a safeboda. Similar to Uber, the drivers are notified if a fare is nearby, the passenger ordering the ride gets to see the estimated pay for his or her journey. However, the point that comes in handy, is whether you or the driver might be having change or not.

Most drivers don’t ask whether you have change, they will assume you have. On the other hand, the app estimates that money you have to pay of which the driver won’t know about, s/he only gets to know when you reach you destination. So you reach and find you and the driver looking for change and you have no where to get especially night hours that can be tricky, and like I always do, if we fail to get change, my safeboda will be tipped for the day, and yes I do tip them.

However, the ride-sharing firm thought about this and introduced the feature that allows passengers to ride cashless, and that was dubbed Pay with Credit.

Credit can actually be got through promo codes, or gift codes, or referral codes, or first time installers, to name a few. But, what if all that never happens, then you have the option to buy credit via mobile money, and this is how you can do that. (Mobile money has made man’s life so much easier). At the moment you can only top up using either MTN or Airtel money though the 1st of the month promo is only in partnership with MTN.

  1. So go to Payment Options within your application.
  2. Click ‘Top up SafeBoda Credit’
  3. Enter how much you want to buy and then the app will ask for confirmation of the phone number to charge (you can also buy for another number).
  4. It will then link to that mobile money account and all you have to do is follow the prompts. Confirm payment and your Safeboda account will be credited.

The safeboda app is available for android and iOS users. The iOS version was introduced in September this year which comes in handy for a market segment that was being left out of the service.

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