Ugandan Startup ‘Sellio’ Makes it to Final Shortlist for DEMO Africa

Ugandan Startup Sellio has been named among 30 African startups that have been vetted to take part in DEMO Africa, the launchpad event for emerging technologies and trends.

Sellio is an automated sales assistant that helps sellers especially SMEs using Facebook to sell their products with ease.

The seller needs to connect Sellio software on their Facebook page before they upload the products for sae.

The software will immediately add a smart price tag on each product at an agreed price, and then choose the perfect audience for the products before boosting them.

Sellio is the only Ugandan startup selected among the 30 from the country which are from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt and Senegal.

PC Tech Magazine reported last week that 35 startups had been shortlisted for the event from a record 956 digital startups from 28 African countries that applied to launch at the event.

The startups have now been narrowed down to the 26 startups that will take part, with four additional startups having been picked at the regional innovation tours that ran between March and July.

Among the 30, South Africa is represented by SeeBox producer K Measure, Picadoo, Spazapp, Tapsnapp, Airbuy, FinChatBot, Intelligent Routing, and Rooster.

Nigeria is represented by Mobile Forms, Atele Advanced Solutions, Peachwater Consulting, Suvenia, Medsaf, Pepperest, and GoSpot.

The Kenyan startups on the list are Chimera IoT, Shield Enterprise, ZOA Tech, Daktari Africa, Taz Technologies and Optimetriks, with Ghana represented by Bisa and KudiGo, and Zimbabwe represented by Dadala and DrCADx.

A-Trader (Tanzania), Temateq (Cameroon), JokkoText (Senegal) and SOS Sante (Morocco) complete the shortlist.

The selected 30 companies have products in 10 verticals, including logistics, retail, e-commerce, education, fintech, media, renewable energy and health.[related-posts]


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