Uganda’s ‘Sellio’ Shortlisted For Final Vetting By DEMO Africa Alongside 34 Other Startups in Africa

<center>(Photo Courtesy: Tech Point Nigeria)</center>

According to new reports, DEMO Africa; a flagship initiatives of LIONS@frica has today shortlisted 35 startups out of 956 applications that were submitted in from 29 African countries that will undergo the final vetting to pitch at this year’s launch event in Johannesburg, South Africa where only 26 startups will make it to the final and will join 4 other startups, picked from the regional Innovation tours that ran between March and July this year.

The applications that were sent in covered all major verticals that DEMO Africa expected; health, agriculture, trade and commerce, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment, banking and finance.

The 35 companies that were shortlisted, South Africa and Nigeria led the pack with 10 and 9 startups selected respectively, Kenya had 7, Ghana and Zimbabwe had 2 each, whereas 1 came from Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Senegal, and Uganda.


Sellio (from Uganda) that made on the shortlist; is an automated sales assistant that helps Ugandan sellers especially SMEs who today are using Facebook to sale their products – to increase on their sales. All the seller does is to connect sellio software on their Facebook page, and once they upload the products sellio immediately adds a smart price tag on each product at an agreed price, and then choose the perfect audience for you products before boosting them.

The firm also helps these SMEs reply to every single person that comments on your product by sending them a personalized message direct to their inbox where the customers can place their order, then alerts the seller on a product deliver.

In general, sellio becomes like a middle-man to SMEs that don’t own/have credit cards to boost their products. With sellio, you pay using Mobile Money, to have your posts promoted to thousands of audience.

The picture shows; how it all works

(Image Credit: Sellio)