Recap! Telecom firm; MTN Uganda introduced its monthly Unlimited internet packages in June during a press media briefing that was held at their head offices in Kololo. According to the firm, the move is significant as it offers their customers a chance to enjoy high speed internet with no volume caps.

The MTN Unlimited packages comes in (3) options including; MTN Unlimited Internet: Premium, Basic, and Night for 330,000UGX, 179,000UGX, and 99,000UGX respectively all valid for a month. While the Premium and the Basic can be used Day and Night (Whole Day), the Night package can only be used from Midnight to 6 a.m (Half Day).

So! A friend (@webdesign2410) of mine Retweets one of my tweets and later on DM me asking about these MTN unlimited options, he mentioned that he can’t go for the Night package since its limited to using from Midnight to 6 a.m, and he has to get to work tomorrow. However, he added saying that the option would be good starting Friday to weekends since there’s less heavy work done on these days. On the other hand, he says the Basic option is awesome but the price ain’t favoring, saying “This is good but @iam__one 179k is still a lot for, 150k can do,” in one of his tweets.

So this got me thinking, replied to him saying, for starters we shall be using the 179k but in future this might change [you never know].

Thus! in my opinion, if one was to purchase for any of MTN’s unlimited data plan, the Basic Plan would be of the best use and choice. I am not saying that you don’t/can’t purchase the other plans, but the Basic plan isn’t much and isn’t a lot and I think it can favor you the end user.

Why choose the MTN Unlimited Basic plan:
I think its the best plan that can really favor everyone. I can say 179,000UGX can at least be affordable even to that last person that is an internet enthusiast. The Night Plan is good, but can only be used starting Midnight (12 a.m) to 6 a.m – the time a person needs to get some sleep to prepare for his/her day tomorrow, and the Premium is awesome but many will find it more expensive.

Under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), the plan is capped at 1GB daily and reset is done at 6 a.m for 30 days. Whats great though, is that even when throttled, your speed are fairly great –  so this gets you a good use for your internet and money spent.

How to activate the BASIC plan package:
Using Airtime:

  1. Dial *150*55# Yes/OK.
  2. Select option of buy package >> then choose option 2 – which is the Unlimited Basic option.

Alternatively, you can also use Mobile Money or the MyMTN app. If you don’t have one installed, its available on Google Play StoreBlackberry Store, and App Store.