MTN Uganda Introduces New Data Bundles Changes – Price Cut on Social Bundles (WTF)

Uganda’s largest and biggest teleco firm; MTN Uganda on Wednesday evening introduced new data bundles rates barely a month after rolling out their Unlimited Internet offer. The notable change is the daily data plan and the social pack bundles.

The daily bundle rates have been subjected to a little change with the daily 10Mbs priced at UGX250 from UGX300, the daily 50Mbs has been increased to 60Mbs and the priced unchanged (still priced at UGX1000) while on the other hand, the Daily WTF (WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook) price has been reduced from UGX500 to UGX250. MTN also introduces SWIFT bundle priced at UGX500. The other plans; happy hour, night bundles, and Tooti bundles remained unchanged.

We are note sure of why the price cut, however, one thing we know is that every telecom firm wants the biggest customer base. Apparently, their competitors, Africell Uganda, has got its social/SWIFT data plan priced at UGX200. To make things more interesting, the plan caters for the biggest social media platforms; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram. Unlike MTN where its social bundles are limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

In my opinion, the UGX50 cut off might not be a lot – If it were set on UGX200, then it would be much better, since the social bundle data plan is the most used data plan on MTN. One wouldn’t mind paying the UGX300 for WTF data plan. On the other hand, the increase of 50Mbs to 60Mbs and price unchanged, I guess this would work (10Mbs is not little and it’s not much). So if you’ve always been run short on what you were doing on the 50Mbs plan, hope the 60 will work for you.[related-posts]


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