What the Finalists Pitched at the 2017 MTN App Challenge

The second annual edition of the MTN App Challenge commenced on Friday evening at the MTN Offices, Nyonyi Gardens in Kololo with 19 entries having been selected from 99 entries that were submitted.

Organized in collaboration with tech and incubation hub; Outbox Hub, 19 teams participated in a three-day app development challenge – developers tussling to come up with innovative prototypes of mobile-based solutions under the themes of M-Health, M-Finance, M-Education, M-Entertainment and M-Agriculture.

We attended the event, and we give you the 19 entries and what they pitched, as we wait for the winners to be announced today evening.

In the category of M-Health

1. Team Blood Finder
Finder system (Mobile App working with a Cloud Database) saves life and Ensures healthy lives and promotes well being for all at all ages, by supporting availability of blood as treatment at the time of emergency.

The Blood Finder Mobile App is a part of the Blood Finder innovation system that has been ideated by the team, but the Application component has not yet been developed.

2. Team Equick Uganda
EQuick aim to impact people living in slums and rural areas with remote access variety of healthcare services options. The team is building an app dubbed mPharmacy – that would like to see Ugandans able to access medication especially off counter drugs with a click as away for them to take back ownership of their lives.

3. Team FourLoop (NonyaDagala)
FourLoop with their mobile app; NonyaDagala aims to improve the logistical and operational efficiency of healthcare solutions by providing a simple and efficient way to directly contact qualified personnel regardless of your geographical limitations.

4. Team MobiCare
MobiCare is a mobile application that will enable people to contact and consult health workers of their choice and location. The application will link the user directly to a health worker for medical consultation, advice and appointment scheduling.

5. Team Nightingale
A counterfeit drug capturing application. An app that gives access to information about approved drugs and counterfeit drugs. This seeks to reduced on the number of fake drugs that are being sold to the people.

In the category of M-Finance

1. Team JustGo
Just Go is a mobile application that intends to solve a problem of queues at bus offices. They team intends to help users; with their target market of people who travel long distances – book buses through both mobile app and USSD code.

2. Team Malako
Malako are setting up a mobile credit facility that provides upfront deposit loans necessary to acquire pay-as-you-go solar kits.

3. Team Akorion
The Akorion is a mobile app that a farmer uses to track all their records, right from buying inputs to selling produce. The app also provides for a farmer to upload receipts of every transaction that is made, and also request for a loan.

4. Team Thunder
The team is building a mobile application that will transform the business community by making payments for their products using QR Codes.

5. Team Vugaco
The team is building a mobile app that will allow SMEs record or scan their sales in real time, calculate profit and losses, balance books and annual reports on sales made and will also be in position to calculate taxes that may be incurred on their products.

In the category of M-Education

1. Team SomaAfrica
SomaAfrica seeks to ease the entire student admission system through their mobile and web based system where users search for their preferred school and be able to get all information about the school. The app will also users apply into any school from wherever they are and be in position to track progress of the application till its approved.

2. Team Somesa
The Somesa App, a virtual classroom app to facilitate e-Learning. A cheap and convenient solution to provide the same quality of education to students in rural and urban schools while also supplementing the teaching efforts in academic institutions with the deployment of e-Learning.

3. Team Student’s Hub
The student hub is a Mobile App that will share with the teachers well researched career information relevant to today’s job market and also relevant to the individual career aspirations of students. This will empower teachers to be better career guidance counselors as well as keep students enlightened about various careers and the training requirements.[related-posts]

In the category of M-Agriculture

1. Team D-Agric
D-Agric links the market with farm stock products in the nation. The market may be government, another country or an individual. The farm stock products will come in categories of Diary, meat, vegetable, fruit, spices, whole foods. So farmers will be identified categorical.

2. Team FarmManager
The FarmManager app seeks to address the worries of the Urban Tele-Farmer with the app tracking every activity taking place on the farm. It enables the Urban Tele-Farmer to understand the daily activities on their farms, make payments to all workers in proportion to the hours/days worked.

3. Team HAS
The team is developing MUHOGO a real-time CMD diagnosis application where farmers take pictures of their suspected diseased cassava leaves and get real-time feedback after the diagnosis, so as to prevent future loses thereby curbing the disease at an early stage before it spreads.

4. Team Igridev
IGRIDEV seeks to solve the problems of low yields at harvest time due to weather prediction inaccuracies, diseases, lack of market knowledge and limited access to external markets through a mobile app.

In the category of M-Media and Entertainment

1. Team MunoWatch
MunoWatch App is to usher the movie industry in Uganda into the digital era by developing an app that enables users to stream/watch and download Ugandan movies and translated movies that are made by Ugandan Video Jokeys.

2. Team Nandozi
The team is developing a 2D mobile game that will be entertaining to the user and enterprising to the development team and stake holders, at the same time being an innovative advertising tool that users will have fun engaging in.

“We seek to impact the youth and young people through gamification of content in a context that users will be willing to interact with and enjoy, in a way like no other telecommunication company has done which will be a win-win for the users and MTN,” PC Tech quotes the Team Leader.

3. Team TrustFinity
The team is developing an Android app and a Facebook bot that will help users discover the entertainment by alerts through the bot or the app on what joints and events that are happening around you and leading you straight to the place through a guidance map.

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